Review of myself in first half of December 2007

I finished my 2-week Surgical Diseases rotation. Starting tomorrow I’ll be having diagnostics rotation, which means I have more than enough free time for myself. Here are some review for the first half of December 2007, right till now:

  1. Started this blog. After several months of no-blogging period in my friendster blog, I feel like starting afresh here.
  2. I colored my hair. The first was base, dark brown. No one noticed anything yet at that time. Next was blond highlights. This one was very ugly because my Russian friend did it wrongly. The blond highlights were simply not appropriate with dark brown base. Luckily, the 3rd phase, Wongkok got it right. He basically intensified the base color to lighter brown. And my life was improved.
  3. My favourite grandma died. Her BP was down till 78/28, after getting norepinephrine shot, she was stabilized. She was then proclaimed dead the next day. She lived a good life, always bring my favourite lunches during weekends in MRSM PDRM, brought me together to Makkah twice, and favors me much more over my siblings and cousins. Unfortunately, after two surgeries on her brain, she turned aphasic and our family took very good care of her during her 3-4 year period of bed-confinement. Her death was about letting go. May she rest in peace.
  4. Malaysian Night 2007 was a success. Moderate to excellent performances, very good racially-based exhibitions. Malays with the pelamin and games like congkak, batu seremban and tenteng. Chinese with the fortune telling, some sweets in ginger stuffs, herbal eggs. Indians with the colorful exhibitions of rice-based kolam and exhibitions of lavish perencah rempah. And other ethnics exhibitions were included as well, espcially from Sarawak.
  5. Two nights before there was a falling out between me and a fellow colleague. Well, I didn’t regret what I said and did, because she has a big mouth though.
  6. I bought an AirBerlin tikcet costs 225 euros from Moscow Domodedovo to Nuremberg, Germany with my favourite senior in MRSM Taiping, Yani. She’ll meet her boyfriend later in Regensburg, while I will wonder around Prague, Zurich, and then Bavaria area. Maybe the Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen, the very famous inspirational castle for Beauty and the Beast and other fairy tales. I’m looking forward to meeting my friends in Nuremberg and Prague.
  7. I’m surprised to be studying so hard for Surgery because last year there was almost nothing to study at all. Well, needless to say, my class got a Professor-level surgery teacher, Professor Yuriy Markovich Zigmantovich. He was a strict one, as expected from a surgeon, and I am very grateful he trains us much more clinically than my previous surgery teachers. And everyone’s hardwork can simply be his rubbish. Lucky my research papers were not rubbish to him.
  8. I have to speed up and intensify my studies of clinical subjects. Else I’ll be left behind, and my plan of being an excellent world-class doctor will be a total fiasco.
  9. I learnt so many disturbing news. I got too much informations on falling out between people in Nizhniy Novgorod. Hopefully those who wronged could rectify the situations, and those who are not involved, please don’t get involve in the mess. It’s better being boring than being miserable.