Choosing a medical specialty?

Check out the flowchart.


 It doesnt take a genius to guess that this is a male’s work since Obs+Gynecology is distinctly absent. That’s only a rough guide for medical students tho…

There’s another aptitude test by University of Virginia on what medical specialty suits best for medical student, depending on one’s personality. That is just a rough guideline, not BIBLE.

 After all, for career satisfaction, the more important thing is what you WANT to do rather than what you CAN do.


6 thoughts on “Choosing a medical specialty?

  1. i’ve taken the test a long time ago. here are my top 10:

    1 radiology 44
    2 nuclear med 44
    3 neurology 41
    4 thoracic surgery 41
    5 colon & rectal surgery 40
    6 allergy & immunology 39
    7 endocrinology 39
    8 general surgery 39
    9 neurosurgery 39
    10 pathology 39

    i really wanna go into surgical field, with neuro or cardiothoracic subspecialty. heheh.

  2. I took the aptitude test twice. The first said that Occupational Medicine suits best, the second one said that Obstetric + Gyne. Both are the last things in my mind of what I wanna be.

    Surgeons are generally not so nice people, no doubt. If they’re nice, nak potong orang pun macam sopan-santun jer nanti…

    To leokid: They are variety of options once you get into clinical years. I wanted to be cardiothoracic, but then I see that surgical oncology, emergency medicine, cardiology, pediatric cardiology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterologist are also excellent specialties that I might be interested.

    To ileena: Maybe you fall into the category of DOESNT MATTER… You can be either anesthetist or pathology… or you can be surgeon 😛

    Whatever it is, what you CAN do is secondary. What you WANT to do is more important for job satisfaction.

  3. somehow i doubted about the CAN and WANT thing u proposed.

    I think, what you CAN do is more important than what you WANT to do. There’s no point of WANTing what you CANt have.

    There’s lots of secondary students in malaysia wanting to be a doctor. Since childhood, we’ve been embedded with the idea that being a doctor is the most noble, promising job (besides engineer).

    But despite having so many teenagers wanting to be in medical field, the reality is how many of them really got into it? Why? It’s simply because they cannot. Not capable with.

    Yeah, do agree that in order to achieve our individual “job satisfaction”, it is necessary to have a job that we really wanted to. The job we enjoy most. But having one’s ideal job as something he/she cannot do, it’s just not realistic.

    my personal opinion. pardon my english. =]

  4. You do realize I am talking about post-medical school graduation, rather than getting-into-med-school wanting and stuffs…

    Still, what you can do is secondary… No one is born a doctor. A doctor is trained… be it surgical, medical, radiological, obstetrical etc. Some learn faster than the others.

    Some people is more to administrative and political stuffs, some even express interest in being astronaut etc.

    My point here is once you graduated med school, however excellent the dexterity of your hands, if you never wanted to be a surgeon in the first place, then don’t be. Choosing medical specialty is choosing how to live our lives for the next three decades.

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