Review on second half of December 2007

  1. I bought a new desktop. Hazwan chose everything, he set up everything, he basically made me a computer out of different components. I just handed the money to the damn cashier. Not that bad tho, just 16667 rubles (RM 2256) including discount under Hazwan’s name (else I wont be happy and pay extra 400 rubles). What happened to my laptop? I have to put him to rest before I can use it happily again.
  2. Wongkok’s (Chia Kok King @ Aizen-sama) birthday was celebrated in Tinkoff. We ordered a sushi set for business lunch price. It’s my first time eating a sushi set (bento). In Malaysia I eat only sushi from Tesco and 5-star hotels buffet. I’ve never been to a specialized Japanese restaurant. And went to another Japanese restaurant (Malenkaya Yaponiya in Bolshaya Pokrovskaya) again for some gossiping information sharing about my next (third) point.
  3.  A scandal of money matters in Nizhniy Games 2008. I honestly do not know who’s right and who’s wrong by jurisdiction because no one has that many proofs. MSA (Malaysian Students Association) etc should work real hard on making Nizhniy Games 2008 a success. Let the others gossip share out the informations since the scandal was made out to the public anyway. Is there really any money embezzlement/corruption or the money is lost somewhere?
  4. I really pity double-faced biatche and her shallow-brained suck ups. I mean, she doesn’t really have to be nice if she doesnt want to. Depan cakap manis macam cokelat, tapi belakang cakap pahit kelat. She said she hates hypocrites. Yeah, look who’s talking… Suddenly all the hated enemies become friends, eh…
  5. The time for Jamuan Raya Haji clashed with Christmas party. Attending both would mean that I am a glutton. But, I am not. I’ve lost quite significant weight since the summer holidays, 10 kg. Who could lose 10 kg in 4 months? Thanks to Ramadhan, I lost 7kg. And 3kg after I colored my hair… Maybe the chemicals ate up my nutrients 🙂 Back to the Jamuan Raya Haji, it was beefy. I liked it. I love red meat but I really have to control ingesting them because I suspect I have hypercholesterolemia since my mum’s using statins and my dad got stented in IJN at the age of 48.
  6. After reading a particular blog on medical specialties, my heart divides. Either Internal Medicine or General Surgery. Maybe people can tell me that I am far too early to make these choices, but I never liked to be confused. Internal Medicine’s good because it offers various subspecialties, and work wouldn’t be so intense like the general surgeons, but then, drugs are for slow pokes. General Surgery’s good because the work would show tangible and fast results, and work would be so much interesting than those of the drugs people, but then, it’s either you love the work so much or hate your family too much 🙂
  7. Benazir Bhutto was killed. Not that I cared that much except that I had known her since 1997 when I was in Bradford (West Yorkshire), UK, many of my Pakistani peers loved their PM so much, which was Bhutto at that time. I was sad when I knew she was assassinated, and honestly I dont know why. Many of her family members died from politics. Another good reason not to join the madness… And my last time in Pakistan was a year before whatever turmoil they have there. I don’t think I will be traveling there again anytime soon, but at least I’ve visited Pakistan.
  8. I am studying Immunology and Microbiology instead of my Hygiene exams. Why? Nyeh nyeh…
  9. Holiday is from 30th December 2007 till 8th January 2008. I have a lot of entertainments for myself and I believe everybody else does, but medical school is no playground to play all the time. You may joget once in a while (New Year’s party?), but else, medicine is what currently defines us, so make the studies top priority. HAPPY  FREAKIN’ NEW YEAR 2008.

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