Doctors in Malaysia so underpaid

First of all Happy Freakin’ New Year 2008. Put 2007 behind and let’s focus. On this very new year, I’m gonna talk about doctor’s salary…

 A few years ago, houseman doctors saw increase of salary from a mere RM 1700 to RM 2700++. While the increase is totally appreciated, let’s do some math…

1 months work has 4 weeks. 1 month salary = RM 2800

1 week work = RM 700 weekly

Let’s assume work is 100 hours a week. RM 700 weekly divides by 100 hours = RM 7 hourly!!!!


RM 7 hourly… Even McDonald’s offers much more wages per hour… Except that they dont have to overwork to 100 hour weekly. Meaning doctors are one of the poorest and most underpaid profession to choose…

Plus, it’s heard that housemanship will be longer. From a year (and half) to 2 years… but that is yet to be confirmed tho.. Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) hasn’t updated the information regarding housemanship yet… Then plus another 3 years compulsory service (MOship). Only then can specialize…

Of course young doctors are underpaid. Once specialization is obtained, the salary might increase two threefold. And then medical specialist will be one of the highest paid professionals in Malaysia. Those in private practice and hospitals might enjoy more financial prosperity…

But still, if you look at Malaysia’s 10 richest people, none of them are medical doctors… heh!~ So if one wants to be rich, switch profession. Doctors are not going to be rich just because they work longer hours…

What’s important is that young and government doctors are paid well. Even street beggars can earn RM 7 hourly if they work hard…


11 thoughts on “Doctors in Malaysia so underpaid

  1. highly agree!!!!

    we are really underpaid and work like a dog!!! hahaha!!! can you imagine i must see at least minimal of 25-30 patients per morning shift in clinic??? that does not include emergency walk in case and laser!!! of course patients will complain!!!

  2. i’m not agree with that…

    before u decide to study in medicine, u have deeply know what’s the future that u have to face as a medical officer.Plus, if u really wanna be one of the richest people in malaysia or even in the world, its easy IF u have the ability for that. Don’t blame the profesonalism of a doctor, just blame yourself for being a WRONG DECISION MAKER for your own life.Happy for the things that u’ve achieved babe, it makes u a really good mo.Money is important, but do not let it control your life..

  3. To eyka
    Maybe u r so elegant upon your morality.But hav u even thought that doctors have their own family, their children, parents and wife? Do you think it’s enough to survive with that little money? Maybe you got a rich dad to support you. But for us , we spend thousands of ringgits and still in education debt. No wonder there’re so many ppls escape from Malaysia to Singapore for a better life. I wanna control my life , if I have money. Why don’t you ask prime minister to be on call 24hours? Get paid is not a sin, you’ve to pay what you’ve been treated , so do I. As many doctors in Malaysia being underpaid, they’ll escape from this country. So don’t give that foolish speach at the next time you fall sick, but no doctor is available.

    • No doctor will available? That is highly unlikely even though the salary for MO is shit. MInd you in future doctors will be surpluses. Quality will be affected as good doctor all moving out to other country or to private practice. But private earning for GP in future i doubt will be as good as now with so many med graduates pumping out. Unless you willing to spend/invest your way onto specialist, if not normal doctor will be slightly above average cheap labour.

  4. 7 hengget per hour!!??? Damn..u r right, dr are underpaid.its not that i care about money so much that i wanna become the top 10 richest people, but..sometimes you got think wether ur effort worth the price. Well, im not an angle enuf to do things all based on charity ok.there’s a limit to that u know..somebody need to d sth b4 i started graduating.ngehe

  5. I would like to know if doctors who are doing their specialist training are payed by the hospitals where they work.Also can they do locum jobs?

  6. A salary job of any kind doesn’t make us rich inspite of the different pay roll level.
    What make us rich is doing bussiness correctly but how many educated people dares to venture into business ?
    Anyway, if you wanted to get real rich, don’t be a doctor be a developer instead.
    By the way, personally I don’t agree with medical commerlisation. Look at those fees that private hospital charges, luckily we still have government hospital, otherwise poor people would live a dam short life. Putting aside my personal experiences on private hospital who cheated me too.

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