Medical Specialty review

Apparently, I’ve lotsa free time during this new year holidays… No worries, I’m studying… For Hygiene examination, and also immunology… Why immunology?! I think I might be immunologist one day 😉

Well, I prepare some medical specialties for those who are interested in planning their future medical career and life. Mind you, these informations might not be accurate for Malaysian medical system because I took this information from various sites according to various countries’ medical education (namely Australia, UK, US, Canada, New Zealand etc). And mind you again, the period of specialty starts after HOMO completion (HOusemanship and Medical Officership). HOMO is different for different doctors, depending on which hospital/region one works in. Basically HOMO takes 3-5 years.

  1. Allergist/Immunologist – 2 or 3 years after HOMO. This specialty is kinda competitive since immunologists enjoy relatively good lifestyle (having breakfast and jogging with family in the morning). Asthma, eczema, anaphylaxis, allergies, immunodeficiency, transplant rejection are common problems that provide the immunologists good and steady income.
  2. Cardiologist – very famous and competitive specialty with good income. 4 years at least. Further subspecialties are interventional cardiology (stenting and stuffs), electrophysiology (pacemaker), heart failure. Wonder why cardiology is competitive and good income? Because it’s procedural… You know, with all the stenting, pacemaker etc… Like gastroenterologist with endoscopy, and nephrologist with dialysis (discussed later).
  3. Dermatology – ever looked down on this specialty? DON’T! This specialty is the most competitive… ever! This specialty enjoy a strong demand, good lifestyle, good money and easy to set up private practice. Bright people go for this specialty. And don’t be surprised, there are doctors who failed graduating dermatology fellowship!
  4. Endocrinology – specializing in diabetis, thyroid and other hormonal disorders is your passion? This specialty is moderately competitive and is a favored field by women due to relatively easier lifestyle and comfortable work hours. Specialization 2 or 3 years.
  5. Gastroenterology – “once an ulcer patient, ALWAYS an ulcer patient” (from Robbin’s Pathology); which means, a never ending market for Gastro specialists! As discussed earlier, along with cardio, this specialty is also procedural with endoscopy, ERCP, MRCP etc. Thus makes it competitive and good income. Specialization 2 or 3 years.
  6. Hematologist/Oncologist – neoplasms have increased steadily for the past century, and there’s no sign of decrease. With all the radiotherapy, chemotherapy and stuffs like that, this specialty remains one of the most competitive and demanding one.
  7. Infectious Disease – very demanding specialty, but alas not competitive with relatively lower salary compared to other specialties. 2 or 3 years specialization.
  8. Nephrologist – 2 or 3 years specialization. High demand, competitive income.
  9. Neurology – 4 years or longer (like Cardio). The specialization period is one of the longest in medicine, even for its surgical counterpart (neurosurgery – 6 or 7 years)
  10. Obs + Gyn – steady market due to steady demographic increase in Malaysia year by year. Specialty demands highest commitment as it involves both internal medicine and surgery, and also the lives of mother and baby. In the US, this specialty receives the highest lawsuit.
  11. Ophthalmology – 3 or 4 years specialization. Payscales are impressive.
  12. Pulmonary Medicine – 2 or 3 years specialization. Stable income, moderately competitive specialty.
  13. Rheumatology – 2 years. Salary lower than of bone surgeon.
  14. Sleep medicine – hot, new emerging specialty with training guidelines still evolving. Hospital Damansara has a Sleep medicine service. 1 or 2 years. Physicians enjoy good lifestyle and lotsa technology. Pay will be higher or lower depending on the type of facility (academic or private sector), your position, type of income contract etc.
  15. Sports medicine – 1 or 2 years. Competition is pretty intense for this well-paying specialty.

The list is not complete. This is only for medical people… You know… The ones who love to use drugs, but prefer less cutting on people… Will update about the cutting people ones if I can.

Happy Freakin’ New Year 2008!~


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