Dr. Chua the naughty boy

Dr. Chua, my current big boss (Minister of Health), has resigned due to a sex scandal. BBC news about him here.

Since he’s a minister and contributed quite significantly to the health society in Malaysia, his personal scandal does not matter to me one bit. But since he’s agreed to extend housemanship to 2 years (read here), I don’t want to support him.

But I’ll still support him to a full extend if he’s planning to increase malpractice insurance, increase housemanship payscale (if not reduce the housemanship duration), decrease duration of compulsory service and better public hospitals of course. Else, he’d better resign. Hopefully the new health minister, whoever he/she is, can fulfill these wishes.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Chua the naughty boy

  1. yeah.. apparently our little naughty boy has resigned from his position. at first, he just made a public statement to apologize about his ‘virtue’ deed, and then he let our PakLah to decide whether he should stay as MOH. But eventually he cede his position. (but i think ‘somebody’ force him to) heheh..

    but at least i salute his prudent confessions, rather than some ministers that #!@*^!!!. hehe..

    people become older day by day, but doesn’t mean they grow wiser.. xoxo

    *aiyaa… soli ma, english gue makin teruk le..=P

  2. It’s ok he’s honest… less drama from our politicians and the citizens…
    He did right by himself, his family and the country…

    Gossip Boy XOXO

  3. note that his decision to leave his position was made after the “unsangkarable” meeting held by the cabinet. i’m kinda sure he was being lectured by PL during the meeting. Heheh.

    But really this incident hurts PL more than we can see. With the GE is just around the corner, I’m sure his bontot is panas already.

    OMG. I’m morphing to a gossip boy too! Should stay away from FNM for a while. Gosh, efenem, u’re contagious!

  4. salam.

    hi. ;-). sorry for not commenting on your previous entries. soon i will, hopefully. =).

    erm, my opinion, i think, he should resign. no question about it. you have just defamed yourself, your country, your credibility and your own personal character. so, own up to your mistakes. besides, he’s in m’sia. things like this are hard to accept, and the the rakyat will never forgive him.

    here’s a joke i’d like to share. hahah. i think, its hilarious =)

    einsten is known for his genius mind….
    newton for his extraordinary mind…
    gates for his brilliant mind…
    mahathir the master mind…
    badawi…never mind…
    sammy…all mine…
    latest; “when she lift up her skirt, i lost my mind!!!!” said chua soi lek…


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