Some high profile local postgraduate trainings

I took the liberty for highlighting some of the local postgraduate training here:

 1. Neurosurgery. Details of Neurosurgery training in HUKM (or HUSM), PDF format.

2. Fellowship programs in IJN. Not so detailed information about Fellowships in Cardiology (Pediatric and Adult), Cardiothoracic and Cardiac Anesthesiology.

3. Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Go to Our Services, then Clinical. For almost each department, there are Introduction, Services, and Research/Training. Damn HKL webmaster can’t do seperate pages for seperate departments…

Actually there are lots more, but either they are not really high profile or information not easily found in the internet. Seriously, these people need to update more about local postgraduate medical training in the Internet! Local training isn’t that bad at all, only people prefer overseas (Aussie, UK, NZ, US) for added bonus into their personal profile.

Oh man!!! Seriously I’ve to stop obsessing about postgraduate specialties or something!!~ Med school pun x abis lagi… Kene repeat 4th year karang baru tau…


3 thoughts on “Some high profile local postgraduate trainings

  1. Eyt yg neurosurgery tu..kat HUSM ke HUKM?

    And also, the requirement stated that kalau ada MD pun dah boleh apply dah. Cumanya kalau dah ada specialty in general surgery, boleh skip first exam. so meaning after homo boleh terus apply la ek? hoho

  2. Yeah, perkara 11 Neurosurgery HUKM said that 2 years postgraduation can already apply… but not necessarily accepted…

    You see, for HUKM dept of neurosurgery, they also want the best of people… You can apply after 2 years of HOMO… but there are also more experienced docs out there at 3, 4 or 5 yrs HOMO…

    So, it’s up to a person how he wants to do his specialization… The best bet for solid application (medical students): do clinical summer electives at the department, assist in neuroscience research, get their letters of recommendation 🙂

    For HOMOs: Do rotation in their dept, assist in neuroscience research, get letters of recommendation 🙂

    [whisper] HOMO doesn’t include masters in general surgery… Masters in surgery is after HOMO completion (3-5 yrs)
    and maybe it’s HUSM… but confused since Dr. Zurin is working in HUKM… so…

  3. owh. and i quite surprised to see the amount of places offered. for the previous years, only 4 places? and only on 2003, it was 6 places? and how about it the next 7 years? (hehe).

    i’m pretty sure it’s a competitive offer. highly-competitive. gotta be the top of the cream just to apply for it, i guess. =_=”

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