Can I fondle your boyfriend? :-)


Do you notice the recent visits to my blog (circled red on the screenshot above). The erased parts are to protect the privacy of my stalkers…

I hate decrease ;)… and I feel so damn borin’ after watchin’ some freakin’ saddenin’ korean’ drama series… plus the freakin’ school starts openin’ on wednesday… I hate wednesdays… With the freakin’ hygin’ exam… I hate exam… Plus the decrease in ma’ sleepin’ these days… I hate decrease… Maybe I shuld try boozin’, eyh?! Booze is somewhat good for health tho… it decreasin’ the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetis and can increasin’ ma’ sleepin’ time… but booze increasin’ risk for liver cirrhosis… hmmm… booze is bad… booze is good… suddenly i reminisced the black debutante I dated on my first year… nyeh nyeh

[whisper] Fondling anyone’s boyfriends has nothing to do with this entry. Sekian, tenkiu…


2 thoughts on “Can I fondle your boyfriend? :-)

  1. HeH?? Can i fondle your boyfriend? Huh.. cheesy trick to promote your blog. sly as ever. Hehe…

    Don’t be a boozer k. nothing good you’ll get from that.
    but you can get smthing good from me tmorrow. xOxO… =)

    btw, black debutante? who’s that? =P

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