Non-clinical pathways for med school graduates

First and foremost I’d like to wish Muslims Selamat Ma’al Hijrah. I love all of my blog visitors and you should love me back. Kidding!

Today’s entry is dedicated to non-clinical pathways after 5-6 years struggle in freakin’ med school. Do you remember that when you get all straight As in SPM or STPM (Malaysians) or other qualifying examinations entrance into med school, you think you can be doctors working very long hours till you don’t have time even to pee? Regret? No problem! Your MDs or MMBS would not go to waste! Here are some solutions:

  • Med school teacher. If you’re more interested in non-clinical subjects more than clinical, or love theories more than practices, or you hate seeing sick people, or you simply hate all people, this may suit you!


  • Medical advisors to pharmaceutical company. Well, this suits the people who loves research, getting rich and undeniably superb lifestyle! Who says medical graduates can’t be rich?


  • Medical advisors to insurance company. Same like those in pharmacy company, so many yummy perks…


  • Sports Medicine. Work depending on needs of games. Increased demands by the sports industry.


  • Medical Research.


  • Public health. If you looooove studying hygiene (preventive medicine) in med school, here’s a good one for yeh!


  • Uniform bodies. Very interested in CSI? Want to be a part of it?


  • Hospital admin + others. Perhaps you’ve no interest in medicine at all but wanna be CEO of a private hospital? Or you just wanna cure elite sick people?


Those are all taken from MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) guidelines. Alrighty. I think I’m done here. Don’t regret studying in med school! XOXO…


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