Specialization in the UK – MRCP

Back to the future. Let’s talk MRCP. What the heck is MRCP? MRCP is Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physician. MRCP is divided into:

  • MRCP Part 1 (written paper)
  • MRCP Part 2 (written paper)
  • MRCP Part 2 PACES (clinical)

Before eligible for any medical specialization in the UK, one has to pass the abovementioned examinations. And yeah, I’ve checked – Russian medical graduates can do this examinations too! You can try registering here. And before you can be admitted into MRCP Part 1, you have to be at least 18 months after graduation from med school (meaning you really have to study till death during housemanship. Warning!! Don’t ever try getting married at this time! Kidding!).

And no worries, you dont have to go to UK to take this examination. It’s kinda have its own overseas center. In Malaysia, I believe the exam center is in University Malaya.

The maximal period between starting of MRCP Part 1 till end of MRCP Part 2 PACES is 7 years. If you’re really genius, you can finish in three or less. By the time you can start your own medical specialization, you’ve just finished your HOMO training.

For booklet information on MRCP, click here.


21 thoughts on “Specialization in the UK – MRCP

  1. Does it meter from which University, and form which country are you coming from? I just finished Medical University in Macedonia. Can I apply for MRCP exams?

  2. There is no such country as Macedonia. You may mean F.Y.R.O.M. Macedonia is a region in Greece. It is not a country. So either you mean that you have finished at Thessaloniki University in Macedonia, Greece that is part of the E.U. and you have no problem in applying for jobs in the UK, or you mean FYROM Skopje, which is under different legislation.

  3. Thanks for Internet admission facility;

    I am Dr.Fazal-e-Subhan Khogiani Graduated from Kabul Medical University Curative faculty in 2002,so i want to get MRCP from Dermatology or ENT, can you provide me your admission requirement and process.
    thanks in advance

    Kabul, Afghanistan

  4. Dear admin,
    I am currently doing my A-levels and have achieved 2A,s,1B and a D in
    my science subjects including math.I plan to give a retake for my
    Physics subject in which i have attained a D and hopefully will get an
    ‘A’.I am planning to do my MBBS and House job in Pakistan and then
    apply for further degrees in UK including my specialisation in
    Gynaecology.I wanted to know all details of applying in UK after
    completing my house job as i am planning to apply for further Degrees
    in UK as soon as my year for house job ends.Can you please guide me
    telling all requirements needed for applying in UK after completing my
    MBBS and House job.
    I will be waiting for your reply.

    Areeba Altaf
    Nixor College

    • dun get worried so soon….just get in medical school first thn u wud get many opportunities regarding ur future.

  5. I’m a last year student in the Medical university of Sofia-Bulgaria.Can I apply for after graduation medical specialization in UK?

  6. Hi, I am a final year medical student, I live in Greece but I’m not a greek citizen. I’m from Nigeria. I want to specialize in the UK, what are the requirements?

  7. Daer admin!
    I am a final year medical student.
    I’m from albania, but i will took an europian diplome, becouse i’m studing in a privaty university.(italian).
    i want to know the requiretnems for to specialize in the UK.
    Thank you.

  8. Dear all!
    I am e new doctor from Republic of Macedonia. I have graduated Faculty of Medicine in Pristina (Repblic of Kosovo). I am interested to work and specialize in UK. Please give all information about this issue.

    Best wishes,
    Agim Dauti MD

  9. Hello sir…i am currently a jpa scholar and plan to take mrcp exam during my houseman…will it b possible 4 me to take that exam since i have to work 4 the goverment for 10years?? How about job opportunities? will i b offered to be a specialist in malaysia after completing this exam?? thanks for ur attention…..reli appreciate it

  10. Hello sir,,i have been graduated Faculty of Medicine in Albania.I am interested to specialize in UK.
    Please could it be possible to give me information about this issue.

  11. Dear sir
    I am finishing medical school within 2 years or more than that, I really like to apply for a scholarship in Critical medicine.I am studing at UMSA La Paz bolivia right now I would like to have a ilttle more info about residence in UK. Thaks For the help And your attention

  12. Marios ioannou
    may 3,2012
    Dear sir
    I graduated the university of Szeged in hungary and i started my specialization in the field of radiology .I am in the thirt year now and i am interested in continuing my specialization in uk .Is this possible? and how can i apply?I am an eu citizen.
    I am wating for your answer.
    thank you for helping me

  13. hi..
    i m amna
    aug 12,2012a
    i am studying in china for mbbs ..
    i have two more years to complete my mbbs..
    after complete medical can i apply for spcialization in uk,,,,
    plz tell me about something….

  14. Hi thanks for the blog..
    can some one briefly tell the approx number of years and expenses of education (excluding living costs) from after done mbbs and house job from pak to become a specialist (eg surgery or internal medicine

    step wise.. i shall be grateful..!

  15. CAN I APPLY FOR UK TO PREPARARE MRCP EXAM IN UK.I JUST COMPLETED MY M.B.B.S FROM CHINA.I Cannot give pakistan medical and dental council exam because my marks are less than 60percent in higher secondary school.they say if i completed my postgradauation from royal colleges of medicine and do mrcp or frcs from uk then i will automATICALLY REGISTERED WITH PMDC.I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I WANT TO GO TO UK TO DO MRCP BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO APPLY

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