Review on 1st half of January 2008

  1. This year’s new year party sucked big time. At least last year, I rocked and gotten loose with my ex. But this year, it was like everyone was just standing by the walls, waiting to get laid ;).
  2. I hate holidays. It makes me surrender to entertainment instead of planned study that I have for my own. Not bad though, it’s like 2/3 of the time I spent watching moving pictures in my new desktop. Korean series, American series and movies were among the topics covered during my holiday curriculum.
  3. My birthday was on 13th January and I turned 22. That sucks! 22 sucks! I’ve received some very nice presents, some are pending their presents for me, and some refused to give at all. As Ilya Irinaz said, it’s my fault that I was born in the exam month (quoted with permission) 🙂
  4. I just learnt that my 30-year-old-still-single maksu adopted a baby from Hospital Kulim. His name is Mohd Zahari something (can’t remember). Yey! I got an adopted cousin! How cool is that? Plus, my tokwan (grandpa) got remarried and had twins! Yey, I’ve got twin baby aunties! And now, how cool is that!?
  5. Finished my stomatology and maxillofacial surgery rotation. But today, I saw the most horror operation ever! The patient has a malignant tumor of maxilla. At first the surgeon ligated the external carotid artery, everything was still fine until the surgeon was breaking bones, teeth and palate to take out his left maxilla!! Oh man!~ I can take resection of internal organs, however bloody it can be… But half of the cheek?! That’s totally euwwww… I wonder how his face would look after the operation. Teacher said this is a very rare operation that not so many students of NNSMA have the chance to observe. We couldn’t finish watching the operation because the teacher saw the horrified looks in us students. Then we got our break.
  6. The person in charge of exam schedule in the Dean’s office is stupid. The freakin’ hygiene exam initially should be taken today (15th-17th January), when most students haven’t finished the clinical rotations yet. After confusing several professor-level lecturers of various departments, the exam is postponed to next week. If a simple thing like that also they can’t get it right, can we trust them for bigger things, for example MEDICAL EDUCATION? (Just being sarcastic though…)

January sucks. Nothing much to review! No gossips… When it comes to January (and June) every human being in NNSMA is on their own to get all fives in freakin’ med school exams. Happy holidays to the 3rd years who passed microbiology exams with flying colors and happy going places. Bon voyage.


6 thoughts on “Review on 1st half of January 2008

  1. oh my god! oh my god!
    its my name up there! its me…its meee~!
    i cant believe it , lieve it, lieve it~!! hoho ;p
    anyhoo, no hard feelings eyh? gurau je…muhehe =)

  2. If I take everything as offense, I’d better off cutting my radial artery by now… but then, WTH, right? I love Ilya Irinaz… (Oh please, please, GET ME WRONG!) 😉

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