Hike in Malaysian doctors’ salary?

I’m starting to dislike my chocoblond hair because the root is getting darker by the second. And my hair’s getting longer…

To the topic: Hike in Malaysian doctors salary – definitely old news, but interesting to bring it up. Look at the pic below.


Yey! RM 600 (15%) more! Well, additional RM 600 is still an okay money for the sacrifice and hardwork the doctors pour in, but I’m not impressed. More than RM 600 can be rewarded to each doctor for locum work. Surely RM 600 is a relief (to feed the banks with loans and credits), but to say it’s godsend is not really a precise description. The bastards with dangling stethoscope around the neck are not really that rich.

I think I’m spending too much time searching for doctor stuffs and less time to study for Hygiene exam. Let me tell you something that I revised in Hygiene. Do you know that the orientation of windows in classrooms should be south, southeast or east? And the orientation of windows for computer rooms or art classes should be north or northeast. What crap am I studying at this freakin’ med school???

Heh! Now you can understand why I love taking breaks from revising hygiene so much! 😉

Added: here’s another good read about UNHAPPY DOCTORS by a trainee specialist at University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC). Credits to Yat for the link.


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