How much do people like gossipping?

My new page Gossips!! receives quite a hit. Take a look at screenshot below:


From a mere 29 views at 6.38 pm Moscow time yesterday, it rose up to 84 views by 11.23 pm! And have a good look at the page most viewed. It’s Gossips!! People tried to get there but unfortunately they have to answer questionnaire before they’re allowed to access into Gossips!! There are plenty of stuffs people have to answer in the questionnaire, for example, I love Efenem’s Weblog because … (> 20 words). And here I picked the best answer:

You’re kinda eccentric in your own way, so it wouldnt be fun if all blogs are alike, and because you do weird stuff like this, handing out questionnaire to ppl who wish to see what’s on. (-someone-)

Hmmm… this is fun! I like fun! Have fun people!


3 thoughts on “How much do people like gossipping?

  1. C’mon faiz, what kind of person charts his own blog traffic from time to time and give a pat to his own shoulder for attaining 84 hits in a night?

    You love yourself sooo very much dontcha?

  2. I’m the kinda person u r talking about! It’s me it’s me!!
    Yeah I love myself! Don’t put so much hope because I’m gonna love myself first before I love you 😉

  3. haha, that was prompt. And how am I supposed to react to that remark?

    Oh no thanks faiz. I have too much love already I can hardly handle them and your sorry little love you better keep them to yourself because I’m sure you’ll need them to further reinforce your already unconditional love to yourself.

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