Life as a government doctor in Malaysia (part 2)

Its quite clear how hectic and busy a Malaysian Govt Doctor’s life is. May I add that in some M’sian govt Hospitals, doctors work 40Hrs in a stretch because those on call do not get their day off on the next. They are to continue till 5pm which eventually ends around 7pm. And these tired, worn out doctors are basically zombies after a very busy and hectic night. Mind u, doctors don’t work sitting on their a$$. Our night involves running like lemmings here and there to pursue cases, results, set lines, attend to dying patients, face an angry relative or merely to sign an MC at 4o’clock in the morning.

We sometimes run to obtain vital blood results, climb on beds to conduct CPR, sweat in thick gowns in 7 hour night long surgeries, prick our fingers while taking blood, get scolded by patients for not “smiling”, write case summaries, beg with the blood bank MOs to get blood bags, and the list goes on….. There are times that the body works on its own without the direct control of the mind. And falling asleep during procedures or interviewing is almost a normal thing. And knowing that when u go home to enjoy your 12hr rest, the 36 hr on call will begin again when u wake up (Every Other Day – EOD).

Govt doctors in Malaysia work 36 hours non stop!! That’s the main message to get acrross. There’s no glamour here, there’s no respect, there’s no glory. When u save a life, its just a pat on the back, and when u fail, it’s your mistakes and faults. We go home after on call only wishing to sleep and prepare for the body for the next one. Imagine doing this for one year or more!! Saturday Sunday included!! No life definitely!! And for what? A mere RM 2733 per month and RM 150 per call. Most of us don’t have the luxury to spend that money.

Keep in mind, govt Hospitals wish to seek ISO approvals. It makes u wonder, are they more concerned about facilities available or the service provided? If a tired doctor comes and sees u at 5am in the moring, ask them this very wonderful question, “Tak balik ke?”

[credits to docfiles and standup]


4 thoughts on “Life as a government doctor in Malaysia (part 2)

  1. I have been working in Malaysia as doctor, but I would disagree with each line of your passage.

    You are displaying a wrong image to prevent saturation!

  2. hi im working as a doctor in goverment too.we cant deny 100% of what u wrote.its the matter of where u posted as doctor(which hospital)..and in the hospital where im working the situation is almost same as u said.but currently after recruitment of more n more new doctors,the situation is becoming better in some departments..but as a conclusion goverment doctors job in malaysia is not a job u can really have fun bcoz end of the day u r not getting what u deserve for……

  3. I agree with u, its true…I lost 6kg in 2 months…it depends on wic hospital ure posted to..I’m in sarawak general hospital.

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