Training Timeline for Malaysian doctors

Here is Pekeliling (a PDF file in Bahasa Malaysia) dated 2002 in planning of education for medical graduates in Malaysia. There is a timeline on which departments that a houseman has to be trained in, plus the postings.

Well, talking about postings, those who start housemanship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) or other university hospitals (UM, UKM, USM etc) are luckier than those who start housemanship elsewhere. For those who started elsewhere; by the 2nd year of graduate medical training, the posting will be so rural and it’ll be much harder for you to settle in, get married, have sex with husband/wife, have kids and not to mention an ambitious doctor’s worst nightmare; not being able to specialize!!

I’m not saying those in HKL and University Hospitals won’t get rural postings, but those who started housemanship there, fight to death to stay as the Senior Medical Officer at the exact same hospital. At least you can settle down (if not get married) and you’re ahead of your peers (who got rural posting) by 2-3 years for Masters Specialization program. Seriously, once stuck rural, you have to stay rural forever until someone offers you for Masters program (that’s only what I heard – needs checking for information accuracy)

That’s only how I interpreted the Pekeliling. I might be wrong. By the way, that thing was in 2002. Housemanship has been extended to 2 years by our beloved scandalous ex-minister of health, remember? Apparently, health admins think that young doctors nowadays are very incompetent, thus extend housemanship. But they never wanted to admit that they’re short of specialists and the route for medical specialization is so damn long! HOMOs (House Officers, Medical Officers) doing scutwork? Yeah, so much fun!

Blame the housemen or blame the system?


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