Russian style diplomas

While I was browsing thru the net to find a meaning of red diploma (issue was brought up by Amani), which is like the yummiest academic award for Russian-trained undergraduates, I got this from Russian wikipedia:

Требования к обладателю диплома с отличием каждый вуз вправе устанавливать самостоятельно, однако: квалификационная работа должна быть защищена на «отлично», количество оценок «хорошо» не может превышать 25 % (в исключительных случаев допускается одна оценка «удовлетворительно»).

Translation: Each tertiary education establishment has the right to establish requirements for honours degree (red diploma), however, qualifying works should always be on the level of excellent grades (5), the quantity of good grades (4) cannot exceed 25 % (in unusual cases one satisfactory grade (3) is excusable).

For those who aren’t used to the Russian system of examination, the scale of gradings used are 1-5. Excellent grade is 5 (translated into A grade), 4 is good (B grade), 3 is satisfactory (C grade). Grade of 2 and below= fail.

I tried browsing the meaning of red diploma elsewhere, but unfortunately, in my opinion red diploma only has its meaning in Russia. That doesn’t mean anyone should stop from getting all fives in exams because red diploma has no meaning in our home countries, but if you manage to get a red diploma, good for you! Meaning you are up to Russian standard of education. As a very-fast-growing country, you really want to get that red diploma in Russian Federation! Seriously!~

And those who don’t have any chance to get the red diploma will get blue diploma (it’s me, it’s me!) and start working as mediocre doctors in Malaysia… or not! We’ll see… 😉

But hey, look what I found when I googled up красный диплом:


Diplomas can be bought? Wow! Now everyone can easily obtain a diploma!


2 thoughts on “Russian style diplomas

  1. I’m about to get that mistery RED diploma this summer.
    what country are u from? I’m from Russia and for us Red diploma means that you have 75% A grades or over. the meaning of the term Red is the colour of the cover of diploma… otherwise u got it blue)
    all advertisment u get r about purchasing a diploma without going to the University or such… that’s sad but in my country you can buy it and no one cares about fake it or not.

  2. Actually, in US it is summa cum laude. It doesn’t guarantee you a better job but it is honorable and nice to have.

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