Working as doctors in Singapore

Singapore, despite being a very crowded country, is the best place to do business in the world. Being the gold mine for business, how about the doctors there? Yes, they also face the doctor-shortage crisis…

But for junior physicians to work in Singapore, here are the lists of recognised medical schools by Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Apparently, Russian medical schools are not recognized, so no chance for Russian medical graduates to work there. And the only medical colleges in Malaysia which are recognized by SMC are Faculties of Medicines of UM and UKM, in which any medical twinning programs provided by UM and UKM will not be recognized. WoW! Singapore is really maintaining its high standard, huh?

No worries, if you still want to work in Singapore but your med schools aren’t recognized, you can try working there as specialists. But, jeng jeng, the Specialist Accreditation Board of Singapore is even tougher. To register as specialists in Singapore, here is a list of medical qualifications eligible for specialist accreditation. Wahahaha! Now, how tough is it to work in Singapore?

I never thought of eyeing Singapore (too crowded and kiasu), but, WTH right? People can change… if I ever work there (haha I wish!) and I miss home, I can simply drive up north 😉


12 thoughts on “Working as doctors in Singapore

  1. Hi,Iam Psychiatrist trained in India with DPM as post Graduation do you have any idea of getting training positions in Singapore.
    If you have kindly guide me

  2. wah even qualified docs or graduated medical students are asking for advises from the great efenem.. ngeh.. cant they just google by themselves or ask other qualified docs? haha! maybe u should quit med school n work as a job consultant instead.. might earn u even bigger bucks. i find it real funny for these ppl seeking for diz kind of advises from u.. not that u r not knowledgeable in this field but seriously.. everything is like just-a-click away.. ngeh..

  3. I am a trainee Resident in Emergency Medicine,working in King Fahad Medical city,Saudi Arabia.I will be completing my 2nd year & looking for a trainee position in SIngapore.I am an MBBS from Bangladesh, have passed AMC part1,USMLE step 2ck(99 percentile)& planning to sit for MCEM partB next September.How can I apply?

  4. hi i am a final year medical student in russia,this june 2010 i am going to graduate iam plan to contin’ue my career in singapore i meen work as doctor…..i would like to know what are the requirement…?how can i appy?please reply as soon as possible…
    thank you

    • hey im a medical student doing my 4th year of medicine…..i would like to work in singapore. as well…..can u guide me on the procedures pls???.

  5. Maybe you should click on the links i gave…
    BTW, last I check, Russian med schools are not recognized in S’pore. Do check again, maybe Singapore suddenly recognizes.

  6. I just graduated from one of the medical sch in nigeria but i want to do my housemanship in one of the singapore hospital pls is it possible for me

  7. hi..i am a medical student studyng in zhejiang university of china..will be graduating in can i apply 2 work in singapore??

  8. hi, i would like to work in spore too… tis coming saturday will be my interview wif the person in charge frm spore… any advise for me? thx ^.^

  9. Hi! Im Gemma B. Castuera, I just recently passed the Aug. 2011 medical licensure exam here in the Philippines and im planning to work there for any vacancy in line with my profession and qualification..I really love to work in singapore since my husband is also working there and it would be of big help for our family…thank you!

  10. i am graduated from russian medical institute n find myself very difficult to get job in countries like singapore,malaysia n other guys russian students study hard n good but dont know why the market of russian education in rest of world is considered as low standered …..;P.anyway we should wait for another 50-100 years to get on the list of standerd medical collleges hahaha

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