Eurotravel Winter 2008 and hatred for Moscow

Today me is so excitatory; I’m traveling Europe for 2 damn weeks starting 31st Jan 2008, taking break from boring Nizhniy to do some boring stuffs in Europe. And I will be missing 2 practical classes of Internal Medicine with the angry stern teacher who looks a lot like Sidney Herron of Grey’s Anatomy, except that her name is something like Maria Lvovna and she’s blonde.

My plan: Moscow – Nuremberg – Prague (Hradec Kralove included) – Zurich (Basel included)-Nuremberg (Rosenheim, Munich, Füssen, Salzburg are included in Hatimi’s plan) – Moscow.

So, from Nizhniy-Moscow I will be taking chartered Marshroot (van) service from hostel compound to airport. It’s not cheap because they kinda charge 1200 rubles (RM 160) per head compared to train which is like three times cheaper. But, it’s safer (hope so) and more reliable. I never liked traveling by train for security reasons… and many of you know how much I despise Moscow, so I have to minimize my time traveling within Moscow to reach from one place to another.

And from Moscow-Nizhniy on my way back to this damn med school I will be taking S7 airlines from Domodedovo airport to Nizhniy airport. Just right after AirBerlin flight lands in Domodedovo, I will catch a connecting flight S7 Airlines to Nizhniy, a connecting flight which is not available had I choose Aeroflot which services its flights in sucky Sheremetyevo. Yep, when I am happy from my 2 weeks holiday, I want to be in my room as soon as possible. Minimize my time being in Moscow, and minimize encounters with potential Moscow criminals (and police). And FYI: MOSCOW SUUUUCCCCCCKKS!!! Wahahaha… Let’s review why I despise Moscow so much:

1st year: a day before my trip to Munich, I got robbed in one of Moscow’s metro station (credit card, camera, passport), ending up in cancellation of my whole trip. At that time there were 4 of us. Yep, that’s right, FOUR. I was robbed and 2 of my friends had to give 3000 rubles to the cops for no good reason.

2nd year: Holiday in Europe was perfect. But on the way back to Nizhniy, we had to take stupid train. There were 6 (SIX) of us. Hilmi’s MP3 was taken away by hooligans in the trains, and he almost end up in another town had not we shout his name to get off the train on arrival. And then stupid police interrogated us. Urgh! Why did I ever choose Aeroflot???

3rd year: Thank God no problem. But I feared every nanosecond in Moscow train station and in the stupid train tho… it effects my psychological and emotional stability.

One day in Moscow ruining my 2 weeks holiday in Europe is definitely not what I want. So, AirBerlin it is this year (but expensive!!)

I have to start packing stuffs becoz my van is at 9 pm tonight… and finish my infectious disease study TODAY!!! Wait a minute… Why infectious disease??? hihihihihihi… As I said, today me is so excitatory, I might do so many inappropriate stuffs… including studying for infectious disease 😉


One thought on “Eurotravel Winter 2008 and hatred for Moscow

  1. this might be the one and only common thing between us – we both hate moscow like hell. hehe.

    eyt i thought u were planning to visit some friends in ireland? bring me something from anywhere u’ll be.

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