Day 1 Eurowinter 2008

In Nuremberg’s station cyber cafe waiting for bus to prague… didnt get enough sleep but I ate well 😉 I met a French girl who couldn’t speak english really well so we had conversation in mixed english, german and a bit of french, and I found out she has a thing for Heroes and Prison Break… she was a good company when Yani left me 😦

7 hour journey by van, 3 trains, 2 flights and one coming bus to prague…. it’s gonna be soooo tiring! ergh!~

Yani went somewhere with her boyfriend. From early morning in airport till arrival in Nuremberg, she was a good company (for gossips especially)…. okay, gotta go toilet, pray and catch the bus to prague…


3 thoughts on “Day 1 Eurowinter 2008

  1. Salam Faiz, Hope you are having a good time. Take care of your passport , wallet, HP, camera etc. Eat and drink well, and enjoy yourself! Download pictures when you have time.. Muaah

  2. Salam Faiz
    Take care, Eat, drink and rest well. Take good care of yourself and of course enjoy yourself! Ayat kursi baca selalu..muaaah!

  3. adeyh xcukup tido even tho all the time in the bus i was asleep… Hangover. Kalo rase baik sket lepas ni pi berjalan sat, pastu balik hostel melenakan diri sebelum bilik siap…

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