Day 2 Eurowinter 2008: Prague

The day started off badly, I hate the hangover for not having enough sleep (altho I slept all the way from Nuremberg to Prague). And had a hard time finding this damn hostel, so far from metro station… ergh! Even now, when I am using Wifi at Hostel UMelounu in Prague, I feel so damned (at least they have free internet – am downloading grey’s anatomy and bleach 158)… after this will go out buy train tickets to Zurich and Hradec Kralove (to meet Nabilah tomorrow). My bed in this hostel is not ready yet, but perhaps by noon it will. 09.46 a.m. Prague time.

Okay I got my room and I went out. Bought the tickets to Zurich and Hradec Kralove. Even tho some of the people here can’t speak English, they can speak russian, and the czech language is almost as same as russian ones! So far, not so much of language difficulties…

Then I went sightseeing. In Prague’s Old Town, I met two Malaysian students in RSMU, Joany (spelling?) and Abrar. We met in front of the clock tower. We talked a bit, and then they invited me to walk with them… Huhu! I feel lucky to have some people to be with, to help take my photos. I am so lucky; whenever I travel alone I always meet new people. Like yesterday with the French girl, last year a Danish model in Italy… 🙂

Ab and Joany

And one accident happen. Before we crossed the Charles bridge, I accidentally dropped their camera, and crashed it. I felt very guilty, but they are cool people. They could still enjoy after the accident and that cheered me up. And wefinally worked out on how to pay for the broken camera. It was a Canon Photoshop A550, and it’s not really theirs. It belongs to one of my ex-classmates in primary school in Taman Tun, who is now currently studying in RSMU…

So, O’People of Nizhniy Novgorod who want my souvenirs, you will not get any! Wahahahaha!

And yeah, I think Prague is explorable in one day. I finished important sights of Prague. I dont do museums, so saves much of my time studying ancient people and stuffs.

Okay need to go to bed…


4 thoughts on “Day 2 Eurowinter 2008: Prague

  1. *erk*
    was in full gasp when i first read ur sentence.

    i lost his camera when we were in sarawak cause someone stole it.
    and the one you accidently crash it was his new one.
    haven’t told him yet.
    it’s ok.
    dah terjadi nak wat camner..

    will find a good way explaining to him.

    btw, it’s juani.

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