Day 3 Eurowinter 2008: Hradec Kralove

I missed early train to Hradec. But heh, I caught another one an hour later. Train leaves every hour to Hradec Kralove for one and half hours. Before I ran to the Prague Central Station, I had a crappy European breakfast provided by the hostel. Seriously, I think nasi lemak kerang which my mama usually buys for me is much yummier and healthier 😉

I arrived at Hradec Kralove and Nabilah fetched me. Nabilah is my childhood friend from TTDI (altho 2 months during summer holidays every year I never met her)… Hradec is a small quiet town with population of less than 100, 000. On weekends almost all shops are closed except restaurants and TESCO. It kills me to watch a city like that… Even Nizhniy Novgorod is more happening and larger than Prague (population-wise).

As a rule, every city in Central Europe has Old Town, so does Hradec Kralove. Old Town is where people go shopping for fancy stuffs, the youngsters with the kissing, booze and cigarettes, the homeless sit around and chat with each other about life, but there were none of those in Hradec. It was dead silent! But it’s kinda nice beautiful town where people are friendlier and know each other.


My trip in Hradec includes the visit to Charles University Faculty of Medicine building and the university hospital. Hehe I love the smell of hospital… And my God, the hospital is really beautifully colourful, very clean and modern with real European arts for decorations, unlike those I saw in Nizhniy or in Kuala Lumpur. Alas, when I came visit, there were not so many patients. Either people in Hradec don’t get sick on weekends or practising medicine there really sucks! 😉 No offfense intended 🙂


Inside the hospital compound, there is a kind of superbly cool learning building for medical students. When I went inside, I was surprised by the great civilization which is nowhere to be seen from the place where I came from wahahahaha.

Great civilization!!!


Then I came back to Prague at early evening (I kinda have to leave early becoz Nabilah insisted). Going around Prague’s Old Town once again because people say it’s nice at night with all the lights, but I don’t think so. With those kinda lights, I need a very good photocamera if I ever want to get good photos.

Later at night, there is a European girl complaining about pain in the lower abdominal area. When I introduced myself as medical student, she came for my opinion. I found out that she is sexually active and didn’t wash her private parts after intercourse. She probably has UTI or STD. She didn’t want to go see a doctor because the doctors here are rude according to her. I think doctors are the rudest professionals on earth, but then it’ kinda hard to explain to normal people about why doctors are like that. I advised her to see doctor and get prescription for antibiotics, but she’s kinda reluctant. She said she’ll sleep herself until the pain is gone, but if the problem worsens, she’ll see a doctor…

Well, that’s all for the boring saturday night. Tomorrow’s my big day to Zurich 13 hours train journey.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 Eurowinter 2008: Hradec Kralove

  1. Salam

    When you mentioned ‘I was surprised by the great civilization which is nowhere to be seen from the place where I came from wahahahaha.’ Actually what is it about, can you describe..
    Nice to hear all the stories… narratively clever but could be offensive to certain people of group. Be careful and take good care. Muaaah

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