Day 4 Eurowinter 2008: Prague

I checked out from the UMelounu Hostel already but they still let me use the Wifi until my departure to Zurich this evening. Still here, downloading stuffs, which I couldn’t do back in Nizhniy thanks to the stupid money-sucking administration for the limited internet connection (paid by megabytes). Which part of the world does such thing besides Nizhniy?

Well, by noon am going out to cover some small place which I haven’t been yet in Prague and maybe buy some souvenirs for myself and family. People in Nizhniy won’t get any 😉

I went up the hill in Prague by funicular (pic) and climbed a tower on top of the hill to get a pretty spectacular view of Prague. People can sit at home and watch TV, but they climb the mountains anyway. Guess who quoted that?


After that I went to a dancing building. I wasn’t dancing but the building is (pic). Then bought something for the train journey and later I embarked the Zurich-bound train. At first I got the room on the sleeping wagon all by myself, but at about 10 the Austrian border, there was an old Swiss guy came into the room.



One thought on “Day 4 Eurowinter 2008: Prague

  1. Salam

    When you get internet connections download the photos on the alps switzerland. Baca ayat kursi and take good care always.


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