Day 6 Eurowinter 2008: Basel and Bern

I woke up late but I got nothing to do in Zurich. I decided to go to Basel (English pronounced Baahl) and BernThe day started with kebab. The kebab restaurant is just opposite my hostel. Kebab is a food which supplies a traveler’s nutritional needs. It has pita bread for carbo, chicken/beef for protein, salads for vitamins and fibers; and not to mention it tastes so goooood for my lovely Asian tongue.


I headed to Basel. Basel is a city located by the Rhine river bordering Germany, France and Switzerland (pic). Nice small city, just like the other cities in Switzerland. The elite people, elite shops, elite old town, elite chocolate shops. One can also organize your own trip in Basel. There’s a pamphlet on that available in the Basel central station. I took the Erasmus walk which is 30 minutes round the Old Town covering the main sites.


I bought Swiss chocolate (pic) in front of Basel’s city hall. There is this shop called Merkur. It is so yummy but expensive no doubt. For the futures Swiss-travelers to-be, spare A LOT OF MONEY for swiss chocolate. Yes, A LOT! Don’t buy for anyone because once tasted, you’ll always want more. You just cant get enough from swiss chocolate. They’re very endorphinic!



A tip for potential Swiss chocolate buyers: buy the ones which are freshly packed and mixed variety, not those which are already packed for example the famous toblerone. The feel of eating the freshly packed chocolate – you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Just like you buying fish in fish market, do you prefer fresh or packed frozen? I’m not saying toblerone is no good, but toblerone is available everywhere in the world. It’s kinda waste of money to buy toblerone in Switzerland. I am very surprised to learn that they also make chocolates for diabetics!!

They separate the alcoholic chocolate from the non-alcoholic ones.

Even while I’m writing this, I am eating the chocolates. Mmmhhh…! They melt between my fingers! Meaning those are pure swiss chocolates and my fingers have good blood circulation.

Nächste Halte: Bern (Next stop: Bern). Bern is a very charming city. Many people mistake Zurich as the capital of Switzerland, but no, it’s Bern! Those who don’t know this should be sent to Swiss Biro Tata Negara (then of course everyone will get it wrong! Who doesn’t love Switzerland?!)

Since it’s getting pretty dark, I went to see Alpines Museum which tells a lot about the famous and elegant Swiss Alps. Then, I went to Zytglogge (pics), the famous landmark for Bern. After sunset, there was like a light show at the Zytglogge. I don’t know what’s the occasion but I think it’s beautiful.


 bern-021.jpg bern-022.jpg 

It got darker and I got an evening train back to Zurich for one hour journey. The Zurich-bound trains are available every half hour from Bern thanks to the very extensive and systematic train services in Switzerland!

Later at night in my hostel, I met two new people as my roommates; a Korean-Canadian guy and a Spanish guy. They both travel alone and met in Zurich; and both have traveled for 4 months! Wow!! The western system allows a person to take a year off before resuming studies in college. That’s kinda cool to hear.

The Korean-Canadian guy gave me some tips for my trip to the Alps the next day. I always wanted to go to the top of Europe (Jungfraujoch), but we’ll see! He said it was so expensive that my Swiss Youth Pass doesn’t cover all the price to the top of the mountain,  it’s -20 degrees there and I don’t think I’m prepared for that kinda climate in the currently +8 degrees in Zurich.


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