Day 7 Eurowinter 2008: Luzern and the mountains

I rode a train to Luzern. Luzern is another beautiful city in Switzerland located 50 minutes away from Zurich. Chapel bridge (pic) is the landmark for Zurich. But I wanted to go to the mountains so I bought a discounted ticket to Rigi Kulm (1800 m above sea level). With the Swiss Youth Pass, I am eligible for more than 50% discount for boat trips + train trips + cable car trip back and forth Luzern and Rigi Kulm.


This reminds me of a very beautiful scenery when me and my mama took a package Norway in a Nutshell last summer. The view from top is always majestic and breathtaking! I have a thing for not-so-high hills and mountains. I hiked so many times the Bukit Larut when I was in high school MRSM Taiping. When I was in Makkah, I climbed up Jabal Thur, Jabal Nur and Jabar Rahmah. In Nizhniy also there’s a hill, but I don’t need to climb it. I am already on top of it (in front of my hostel – the Switzerland Park)

The boat stopped in Vitznau before I took the connecting train up to Rigi Kulm. It was raining but the Alpine view was priceless!

After arriving at Rigi Kulm station (1752 m), it was very windy. I rented a sledge to play, but due to the heavy snowstorm, me and the Korean guys who also rented sledges returned them. Lucky the guy in charge gave back the rental money, else I wont have money left for dinner. I was kinda disappointed up here because I thought I could see the view of Switzerland from top, but all here is pure white. I did nothing except going to the toilet, called home to tell that I’m fine at the top of alpine mountain and waited for the descending train. Probably there’s so much fun stuffs to do in summertime. Below is a picture of Weggis:


I descended the mountain by cable car from Rigi Kaltbad (1453 m) with the Korean guys. It was so steep juz like when I took the ascending train. Rigi Kaltbad offers much more spectacular view than Rigi Kulm and much better climate. Then I descended to Weggis by cable car (which was pretty fast), from which the alpine view is prettier than when I ascended. Then I cruised Lake Luzern from Weggis to the city of Luzern and took a train back to Zurich.




Zurich central station has a night market today (wednesday) selling lavish variety of foods. The central station is really spacious anyway, so it’s kinda good to have things like this once a week. At the hostel, I met two fellow Nizhnians who are on their way back to Nizhniy… it’s really a small small world.

The damn hostel didn’t provide free wireless so I had to go Starbucks to play internet. Drank a decaf bcoz I need to wake up early tomorrow to meet Hatimi in Nuremberg. Early morning flight at 6.20 a.m.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 Eurowinter 2008: Luzern and the mountains

  1. Salam Faiz

    Which is more exciting going up Swiss Alpine or going thru the sharp-points in he bus to Bergen in Norway in the Nutshell? Or better still comparing the train, Flamsbana from Myrdal to Gudvangen? Which view is more spectacular to you?
    Have fun and ayat kursi jangan lupa!

  2. dua dua pun best! tapi sbb ade snowstorm kat rigi kulm, maybe norway tu lagi best kot…

    xleh compare winter swiss alps and summer Myrdal + Gudvangen… kene compare in the same season… 🙂

  3. salam.

    I stumbled upon your blog post while researching on Swiss. I’m planning to go to Rigi this winter. The pictures of Rigi looked spectacular but you mentioned it’s not that nice bcuz tak nampak pape? Do u recommend going to Rigi?

    Thanx 🙂


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