Day 9 Eurowinter 2008: Munich

Nuremberg is a city located in Bavaria (German: Bayern). The rule for tourist in Bavaria; once you’re there you’ve to visit the triad of happiness. Munich, Salzburg and Füssen. And my journey starts here… 

Bought a Bayern Ticket which costs 27 euros, valid for 5 people traveling together in Bavaria with regional trains within 24 hours. With that ticket, Hatimi and I went to Munich and meet one more person named Suhaili. She’s kinda Hatimi’s girlfriend.


The Old Town is beautiful, but I’m kinda bored with it. From Day 1 in Prague, I came to see Old Town everyday.



So, on this very day we went to BMW museum. BMW Museum is the only museum with cool BMWs in the world, I think. You might wanna go here sometimes!




I won’t be typing long because my hands are really tied here downloading…


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