Day 10 Eurowinter 2008: Salzburg

At first, I thought this season’s Eurotrip is only consist of 3 countries (Germany, Czech, Switzerland), but then I was tripped to go to the 4th one: Austria. Staying overnight in Rosenheim in one of Hatimi’s friend’s apartment, Salzburg (the city in Austria) is only an hour away. Still, we used Bayern Ticket which saves me lotsa euros!

As usual, we (Suhaili, Hatimi and I) walked in Salzburg’s Old Town.


There’s nothing much to do in the small city of Salzburg, but being a castle-hunter, there is a real good castle located on top of an alpine hill (542 m), the Hohensalzburg Fortress (Literal translation of Hohensalzburg is High Salt Castle). An of course the view from top is always majestic and priceless. Ascension to the fortress is by funicular.



After descending from Hohensalzburg, went for a second to Mozart’s birthplace (Mozart Geburtshaus).


Then ate dinner in superbly expensive Nordsee, got lost in Salzburg’s village and went back to Rosenheim.

Heheh. The trip was real good. Well, if you are touring Bavaria, Salzburg should fit in your  itenerary.


3 thoughts on “Day 10 Eurowinter 2008: Salzburg

  1. long live Nordsee!!!!
    wonder why we don’t have such restaurants here…
    i don’t mind splurging my money on the delicious MIX BOX!!!
    tmpt gambar hg kat salzburg sejibik cam aku nyer..ciss…tiru aku!

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