Tips to enhance medical study productivity

1.  Identify and recognize your happy hours of studying. All of us has different timing when we enjoy studying the most. For some it’s fresh mornings, for some it’s lunchtime, for some it’s after midnight. Make full use of the charmed study hours and build your routine around it.

2.  Difficult things first, easy is easy. Acid-base balance sucks? Yeah learn that first! Leaving the toughies for later has proved demotivating, especially at the last minutes.

3.  Get a study partner. No one said medicine is easy.

4.  Get a white board or a stuck-on-wall notes. It makes studying irresistable and much easier with the flowcharts and stuffs.

5.  Breaks by changing of subject. The best way of taking breaks is by changing of subjects. There should be a major subject and a minor subject. For example, if you are studying ECGs, you might wanna write case reports as a “minor” for a study deviation. You can fully utilize your own time.

6.  Switch off that music/TV/computer while studying. Some people argue that it helps them study better. Sure music can help you with the boredom, but during the act of active studying and learning, all the music does is get thru your boredom instead of enhancing your memory strength. Plus, if you’re bored, you shouldn’t be studying. Take a break and listen to musics, and get back to the desk when you’re ready.

7.  Clear the mess on your study space. A minimalized, organized and clean surrounding is always inspiring.

8. Give a thought on what drives you to excel in medicine. Your principles? Personal heroes? Career goals? Little things like having favorite motivating phrases in your room can go a long way in keeping your optimism high.

[credits to DGD]


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