Team Medical Dragon season 2

Hihi I am now 2/3 way before finishing Team Medical Dragon 2 (TMD2) which is very inspiring. There was this one procedure mentioned in TMD2 (episode 5) that I had the chance to watch in IJN called Bentall procedure; which serves the purpose to repair and replace the calcified aortic root and ascending aorta.

The chief of cardiothoracic IJN used a tube for the Bentall procedure (to replace the ascending aorta and the aortic root) in a patient with tertiary syphilis complicated with Hepatitis B. There were a lot of people who watched the surgery at that time; among them were medical students from IMU with their teacher, an anesthesiologist.

But then, towards the ending part, the head surgeon needed to make an orifice at the tube. With all due respect to everyone, the anesthesiologist was a little confused why the surgeon made a hole there, so she asked around. Then I spoke up and said it was for the LCA (Left Coronary Artery). Then everyone (the anesthesiologist, nurses, medical students) was like “ooo…. Baru faham…”

Hihi… that was kinda my proudest moments tho… explaining little stuffs to people in the OT when I am just a mere medical student… Hihi, lucky I read up the procedure that my supervisor talked about before I went to see the operation.

Not bragging la… If bragging pun, I want to stay inspired hihihi… Good stuff that Team Medical Dragon season 2; altho it’s kinda funny all the patients who were operated on are never dead, however dreadful their diseases, and the heart-lung machine installation took only 5 minutes in TMD2 when it took half hour elsewhere.


3 thoughts on “Team Medical Dragon season 2

  1. haha..i’m now half way to finish team medical dragon 2..the story so far is getting more interesting,with many new surgeries and complicated cases take curiosities yet to be i wont be able to finish tmd 2 before ending my int med cycle..huhu.. =( btw,good for you for knowing such a fact..let’s stay inspired together!! =]

  2. Yah!!! Mama saya menyayangkan saya!!
    Adakah mama anda suma menyayangkan anda sebagaimana mama saya menyayangkan saya?

    Finished watching TMD2 already. Genius move piggyback transplant and cryotherapy tho 🙂 less stress to the child’s heart 🙂

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