What is the diagnosis… (2)?

1.       24 years old Asian male, collapsed on the street, brought to the ER with ventricular fibrillation and was successfully resuscitated. During the stay in the ER, he collapsed again. His calcium level was low and after injection of calcium, he was successfully resuscitated. During physical examination, the physician found calyces on the fist of his right hand and eroded dental enamel.

a.       What is the most probable cause of ventricular fibrillation in a young Asian man?

b.      What is the diagnosis for this patient?

c.       What causes the patient’s hypocalcemia in this case?

d.    What must the physician do?


2.       48 years old white male, complains of hematuria and severe pressing back pain particularly on the left. Several hours later he is crashing (BP systolic 75). Radiologist confirms that there is a mass on the left kidney, tearing the left renal artery.

a.       What is the most probable diagnosis for this patient?

b.      What is the surgical management for the patient?

c.       What are the probable complications during the operation?

d.      What must the surgeon do to improve prognosis of this patient in the operation so that he won’t get any complications?

Hihi got these ideas from that one series. I’m gonna use this for my Russian language project. I will be posting the answer in the comment part on 1st of March 2008, and before this time, you readers are very welcomed to try answering these questions. The answers are quite simple I think 🙂


One thought on “What is the diagnosis… (2)?

  1. 1. a. Brugada syndrome
    b. Bulimia nervosa (due to calyces in the fingers and eroded dental enamel)
    c. Electrolyte imbalance because of forceful vomiting
    4. Balance the elctrolytes and refer the patient to psychiatry.

    2. a. Renal carcinoma
    b. Nephrectomy
    c. Stroke, heart attack
    d. Baloon angioplasty to cut blood supply to the left renal artery (thru femoral artery) so that the patient’s BP stabilize.

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