How much does Dr. House earn?

$ 480,000 (USD) per EPISODE. One season has 24 episodes. So, you do the math.

Apparently it pays much more to be physician on TV than to be a real physician. Hugh Laurie, the British actor who plays Dr. House is an infectious disease specialist and a genius diagnostician.

$ 480,000!!??? Even an infectious disease specialist in the US is not guaranteed to make half that amount per year!!

Is Hugh Laurie a doctor? No he’s a comedian, actor and writer.

Maybe I should play doctor instead of being a real one 😉


2 thoughts on “How much does Dr. House earn?

  1. Plus, with his attitude problems (which are only outweighed by his ability to get results, which makes him a kind of Jack Bauer of differential diagnosis), you’d think that if they didn’t fire him, they’d at least seriously cut back his pay. I take it you’re a real doctor? That’s awesome, but I hope you say every doctor-ly thing with an almost soap opera flair. 🙂

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