General election craps

It’s been like 8 months since I read Malaysian-based news. Even when that astronaut thing came up, I watched BBC and stuffs like that instead of reading online news from Malaysia. It’s just a few more days from the general election, perhaps I could use some of my time reading craps. Why craps? To put it subtly; my brain is too good to be handling news from Malaysia. To put it much clearly; it’s crap. (Obviously I don’t have nice things to say about Malaysian mass media).

All my peers are talking about general election and who they’re gonna vote. So, I decided, what the heck, general election is not an every year occurrence. I should read up something about it. I didn’t register to vote this year, and perhaps not for the next 2 or 3 more general elections in Malaysia. Lets just say that I have my own personal plans that does not involve the politics of my beloved home country.

Am I not patriotic? Johnny doesn’t know. Don’t I want to be a part of building a better future for the country? Johnny doesn’t know. Who would I vote if I am registered? Maybe Johnny knows…

BN and the opposition have been using the Islam and Malay development baits for years; most of them just throwing the same crap again and again into the pool of electorates. When it comes to working out the promised plans, there is nothing but craps. Even if they do something; it’s not to my liking. So, as I said – CRAPS.

Perhaps I’d vote for someone who can do the job to my liking (it’s my vote after all); wherever he/she came from, whatever his/her race and religion. But then, I dislike the party system. If I vote for someone from BN for my parliamentary area, meaning I have to vote for BN to govern Malaysia as well!

OMG! This kinda system is ridiculous! Malaysia should emulate Russian election system where they have separate election for their own president. Of course, just that one thing, nothing more than that!! (If y’all know what I mean)

Perhaps it’s time for more individualism rather than partisan system. Vote for someone who can do the job to your liking. Make your own standards (in education, health system, physical development, racial development, religion, whatever) and vote your own favorite person. Forget the party. Heh! Of course this would be very impossible since the election system in Malaysia emphasize on certain party only, thus making the whole system CRAP.

Meaning if I wanna vote PAS, I have to listen to their UMNO-is-unjustice craps; if I vote for UMNO, I have to cave for their PAS-is-underdeveloped craps. As I mentioned – CRAPS. Any more reason why I don’t care to vote for election this year?

I think I am talking too much now.

P/S: Nenek Maimun, 89, Kuala Terengganu, a bebas candidate. Seriously???? She couldn’t manage her own home, how could she manage the whole town with that age??! 


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