Malaysian Doctors Salary Doubled

PUTRAJAYA: At least 2,000 graduate house officers in government hospitals will get an automatic promotion to grade UD44 upon completion of their two-year housemanship in 2010. 

They will be getting at least RM6,000 including allowances every month which is almost double what the present graduate house officers are getting. At present, graduate house officers come under UD41 with a monthly income of RM3,768.39 including allowances. Most of them are stuck under the grade for at least six to seven years or more. 

“This is a hefty jump,” Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican announced at a press conference here on Wednesday.  

He said the promotion exercise was expected to cost RM1.7mil annually. 

Dr Ismail said at least 7,000 house officers under UD41 and UD44, who were appointed before 2008, would also get their long overdue promotions, which would cost RM9.8mil. 

He said those who had been stuck under the grade for many years would however be placed under the higher scale of UD44.  

“Hopefully, this promotion opportunity will indirectly encourage many doctors to remain in the civil service,” he said, adding that at least 70% of young doctors under UD41 resigned to join the private sector. 

The Health Ministry extended the housemanship from one year to two years in January following several complaints including the unsatisfactory quality of service.

News from The Star

Yey! Now, will I stop bitching about how underpaid Malaysian doctors are?

Nope! The whole idea of being a Malaysian is to complain about how awful the goverment is, right? Proud to be Malaysian… 😉

Good move just right before the election tho… 🙂


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