Malaysian General Election – The Change

Opposition takes over  Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Perak and still retains Kelantan. Sounds just fine by me. People want change. Previous government was lousy. Quite interesting to see the results of this election. Perhaps I should’ve voted after all.

As a Malay and a Muslim, I feel insulted to have political party shouting out “We will take care of you Malays and your privileges” or “We will take care of you Muslims and your privileges” as if generalizing us Malays and Muslims the poor weaklings. As long as racial and religious rights are fairly practiced, I don’t think any particular people needs a privilege.

Is there such thing as special privilege to certain kind of people in constitution when prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ruled Madinah?

Not that I am saying poor weaklings shouldn’t be helped, but those people needed help no matter religion or race. No race or religion needs special attention. It’s up to individual. Either your survive, or you don’t!

If a vote is just for the sake of “my people”, maybe nothing has really changed after all, except for the choice of political party.

This election already denied BN 2/3 majority. It’s a change, not necessarily a good one, but not necessarily bad either. Let’s hope for better Malaysia.


5 thoughts on “Malaysian General Election – The Change

  1. For better I hope.

    People vote opposition not bcoz they like them, but bcoz they dont like the current government.

    I’m interested to see how parliament andthe mass media work after this.

  2. as for kelantanese, im relieved pas remains as a government.

    but im quite anxious for the other states to see this peralihan kuasa. hope everything will be fine. after all, its the people who’ve made the decision.

  3. i wonder how the opposition will handle all of this..hopefully they’ll bring improvements to the Rakyat particularly where crime & education is concerned…

  4. the opposition had never been given a real chance before even to govern Kelantan. The central government just controlled everything; from education, health, security… and the state power has authority for small things only. The political system in Msia systematically oppress the state which does not support their politics.

    Take a cue from the states for example: the geniuses in DC are republicans, but we never see Democrat-supporting state such as Montana get discriminated…

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