Women’s Day Special

It’s been a very fine week…  lets review:

  1. I got that pathology audio lectures for my board exams… thank God for that, and those who have helped, I appreciate it very many.
  2.  I watched this very inspiring movie; Freedom Writers, which films about troubled multicolored teenagers somewhere in California in 1994, and there is this teacher who helped them change from racial cliques to very united classmates. The thing is; that teacher (Hilary Swank) was my hero back in Bradford because she was this actress in The Next Karate Kid, and the unsupportive husband is the beloved McDreamy! Nyeh nyeh…
  3. I got a haircut. My chocoblonde days are over… Totally over… Haha big deal! I will make it platinum this time!
  4.  I had a talk with a friend; he said my blog is very inspiring. Not that anyone hasn’t praised my blog before, but to know that from someone I less expect to read all the craps that came out of my mind, I really feel good about it. I get this funny feeling that somewhere someone is making my blog his/her main homepage wahahahahaha!!!
  5. Just finished my internal medicine rotation, finished the cardiology subspecialty (feels like a specialist when talking like that). If a subsubspecialty of reading ECGs really existed, I think one of my classmates who is totally similar to Peter Griffin, can be one of the best ECGologist in the universe!~ Guess who??!
  6. My friend is gonna send some downloaded stuffs from Moscow tomorrow.  Will enjoy some good laughs for the whole damn semester!!
  7. I think I am autoimmune 😉 because when my classmates and roomate got the flu thing, I didn’t. Hopefully will never get it. Maybe I am Legend???

Happy Women’s Day for ladies out there. Imaginary hugs and kisses from Efenem.


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