Silly Utusan Letters

I’ve never been so interested in local politics since this election. Well, as of this entry, I’m referring Utusan’s Forum page (Reader’s Letters on 10th March 2008) which I haven’t read in months.

Not that I want to stress how silly those comments are, but I just felt Utusan is really lowering its standard down the toilet; allowing unilateral, biased comments which have zero intellectual values. Only Malay and Muslim sentiments are played from time to time.

Quote In Letter 1:

Di Wilayah Persekutuan, penguasaan DAP juga mencerminkan monopoli politik Cina. Ada wakil Pas dan Keadilan pun, mereka kecil dan tidak bersatu dari segi ideologi.Kejayaan DAP ini semuanya adalah hasil ‘bantuan’ Pas dan PKR. Itu belum bercakap tentang bagaimana PKR dan Pas turut sama melonjakkan DAP ke persada kuasa di Pulau Pinang dan begitu juga di Perak.

Ternyata pilihan raya kali ini menyaksikan sentimen perkauman yang kuat dimainkan oleh masyarakat Cina dan India kononnya untuk menghukum BN khususnya UMNO. Antara sebab UMNO ditekan kerana mempertahankan agenda Melayu selain berasa tidak puas hati terhadap beberapa isu kononnya masyarakat India dipinggirkan dan isu keris oleh Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO.Sebab itu, hampir 100 peratus pengundi Cina dan India memberi undi kepada pembangkang.

Nampaknya yang menjadi mangsa kepada muslihat politik ini, ialah orang Melayu. Lebih menyedihkan ramai orang Melayu yang tidak mendaftar sebagai pengundi dan mereka yang mendaftar pula, ambil mudah dengan tidak keluar mengundi.

Great! Blame the voters and play the racial sentiments. Yeah yeah, UMNO and BN never made mistakes. They are the godsend angels who have done so many great things to the people.

Bapa saya, seorang bekas pegawai tentera menitiskan air mata bagaimana ‘Melayu membunuh Melayu’, angkara politik kepentingan sempit. Inilah realiti terbaru bagaimana kealpaan dan percaturan emosi akhirnya melemahkan politik Melayu.

Ask the father to be a brave soldier already and put on his big boy pants. It’s kinda sad after decades, people are still thinking that Malaysia is just for Malays. 50 years ago, this might be the hot issue. Now, the younger generations refuse to live in their world and want to live in ours. Younger generations are much more global and much more connected than them elders. Maybe Merdeka should really be redefined.

Quote in Letter 2:

Kini rakyat akan menilai semua perkara dari segi janji hinggalah kepada kepimpinan. Janganlah jadi seperti di Kelantan di mana Pas masih gagal mentadbir dengan cekap.

The opposition had never been given a real chance before even to govern Kelantan. The central government just controlled everything; from education, health, security… and the state power has authority for small things only. The political system in Malaysia systematically oppress the state which does not support their politics.

Take a cue from the states for example: the “geniuses” in DC are republicans, but we never see Democrat-supporting state such as Montana get discriminated…

Quote in Letter 3:

Pilihan raya kali ini menyaksikan BN telah ditohmah dan difitnah dengan cukup hebat tetapi BN gagal melawan tohmahan-tohmahan sehingga orang Melayu pun masuk ke perangkap DAP. Ini pun orang Melayu tidak sedar. Sedarlah orang Melayu, sepatutnya kita berbangga dengan kejayaan anak bangsa tetapi kita bertelagah.

Nyeh nyeh! BN is framed?? Nyeh nyeh! It’s good to laugh! Even the UPSR-year-old me can see politics much clearer on who framed who when Anwar was fired in September 1998. I was damn good back then even my BM teacher in MRSM PDRM who is pro-BN had lost cause… Everyone predicted BN’s downfall in 1999 but lucky Mahathir was cunning and could handle blasts from his enemies.

I don’t think Abdullah Badawi is a bad guy. He’s the Mr. Nice Guy. That’s the problem. Nice people shouldn’t be leading the country. Only jerks and bitches who know their own way round politics should. Look at Angela Merkel, she’s a pain-in-the-ass bitch. Yet she still runs the country well and I personally can’t get enough of Germany.

I hope Utusan stops playing the Malay card. It’s getting real cheap. I feel humiliated as a professional-to-be Malay.

P/s: I stopped reading Utusan after they’re 6 months late reporting the worldwide press freedom index in 2006 and I had to remind them they are late.

P/s: I’m not really fond of opposition either. If they make mistake, I’d blast them too. If I don’t, someone else would and the world will still rotate on its axis.


5 thoughts on “Silly Utusan Letters

  1. Hurmm, I wonder if u were that good also in your political judgement when you published bulletins on lashing out at Mahathir for criticising Pak kaLah’s very very weak administration.

  2. Mahathir is evil and PakLah is weak. If I had to choose btw them both to lead the country, I’d choose Mahathir.

    I’ve been bashing TDM since UPSR. Nothing really new with that.
    TDM provided sheer destructive criticism which was unfair bcoz he’s been acting like he’s still in power (like Putin) and no explanation whatsoever on why PakLah cannot do this and that… He expected PakLah to just have faith on his legacies… like he’s making a new religion or something…

    In case you havent seen yet, people do change… maybe you should take time and comprehend…

  3. He isn’t making a new religion and of there’s anyone who’s making one its Pak Lah. Islam Hadhari, anyone? Anyway, he’s certainly great enough that people coined the term Mahanomics.

    Well TDM’s criticisms are not destructive, and he did come up with reasonable explanations on why PakLah cannot do this and that. But apparently his reasons on why for example Malaysia should go on with the bridge project is either too hard for you to understand or you just plain never knew they exist. He’s a vocal and respected citizen of Malaysia and his viewed are shared by many, and they certainly carry significant weights. Do u think the newspapers would have published the opinions of a typical dissatisfied AhChong’s from the street? If u can set aside your hatred towards him that has been brewing since your voice hasnt even broken yet, and become a bonafide netizens and read up in blogs, you would have already found out. Oh, i forgot, u used to love reading Utusan Malaysia and now not more.

    Maybe YOU should take time and comprehend.

    Oh, forgot also. Your time is already being spent too much on bickerings and lamenting on how you peers couldnt make proper diagnosis.

  4. You spent so much time in my blog trying to convince I have a bad political judgment and that TDM is a very good leader. But I knew that already. Dont be so uptight and act like TDM’s boyfriend. I dont hate him. It’s just bashing him has been very fun!

    Crappy day huh? You need to relax dude… Dont have to be so uptight about little things…

    No one in med school here could make a proper diagnosis dude… I made an initial diagnosis and I happened to be right. I just got lucky.

    P/s: I think me and everyone here could have less politics and focus more on medical stuffs… I’d read the new Clinical Cases blog that I add in my link rather than political blogs which probably make more sins than what Bill Gates makes in a year (the takjadi metaphor)

  5. Hey guys

    Time to concentrate on your clinical! Let the politicians and their analyzers make the judgements. Have fun!


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