Ayat-Ayat Cinta


I just watched a romantic Indonesian movie AYAT-AYAT CINTA which is very superb! This movie’s setting is in Al-Azhar university, Egypt… tho I find it funny all Egyptians in that movie speaks Indonesian. Not impossible though. Many Arabs in Makkah and Madinah speaks the language.

As you can see from the pic above, Fahri, the main character and the hero of this story, is kinda every Muslim girls’ prince charming; selfless, humble, helpful, good-looking and innocent. Every girl in the movie has the hearts for him. But then, the bad thing about being selfless prince charming is that you’re easily framed, like Prophet Yusuf ‘alaihis salam.

The left girl is Maria, a Coptic Christian girl neighbouring with Fahri. She fell for Fahri as well. At the second half of story, luck has been sucked out of her.

And my favorite is that lady on the right with niqab, Aishah, a rich and beautiful german lady who is willing to sacrifice everything for Maria and Fahri. OMG, don’t ask me how strong she is when crisis hits her, because I am really turned on! And her eyes are very hypnotic!!! A woman with pride and rare beauty…

Hehe, I think I am too carried away when a niqabist is involved. I got a thing for these people tho…

But the end is quite depressing. Just some heads up. 


6 thoughts on “Ayat-Ayat Cinta

  1. seriously those gurls are drop dead gorgeous. however i didnt find any “german” in aisha’s look… btw agreed with u! her eyes!! omg her eyes!!! to die for..

    er,, hahaahha i was supposed to worship fahri in this comment box.

  2. hehe… even the supposedly Arab actors are replaced by Indonesian actors. I read somewhere that they cant find suitable Arab actresses because Egyptian ladies are 3 years older than their ages.

    Anyways, it’s still good tho. 7 out of 10.

  3. I didnt watch this movie yet. Maybe next week if i have time… huhu..

    BTW, don’t forget to thank the person that providing u such a nice film. I wonder who’s that… haha… =P

    *Anyone want this movie original soundtrack, visit my blog. =P

  4. Of course, I would like to take this very amazing opportunity to thank my boss Firdaus who gave me this movie. He’s Nizhniy Novgorod’s version of Fahri. Nyeh nyeh… 😉

  5. wohoo..sounds nice..though i havent watched it,i can smell the aura as everyone keeps talking bout this movie..hehe..im still desperately searching the right time to watch it…if only im not stuck with pharmaco now..huhu..=(

  6. 3rd year is kinda tough all day, all cycle… You either watch or you don’t, and also depends whether 2 hours and 4 minutes of romantic indonesian movie suits your taste.

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