How to irritate your doctor

Apologies dear friends, making you anxiously waiting for this blog to reopen after settling some “spam comments”. Now that it’s reopened, shall we take it a little lightly?

What you can do to irritate your already irritated (by the previous patient) doctor. This is a good way to make sure you get substandard care:

  1. Come in already talking loudly on your handphone…
  2. After you hang up your phone, demand for a referral letter to see a specialist for your URTI
  3. Cough in your doctor’s face (to show him how serious your cough is)
  4. Ask for 5 days MC, 2 days back dated and 3 just in case.
  5. Tell your doctor that s/he looks like s/he doesn’t know what he’s doing and demand for a specialist
  6. Tell your doctor your bomoh or sinseh asked him to do an xray or mri. Insist that your bomoh is right and your doctor knows nuts, and you want a referral to hospital based on your bomoh’s recommendation. You can also replace the word ‘bomoh’ with ‘pharmacist’ or ‘next door neighbour’
  7. Bargain huge discount for the consultation and medicine as if you are in a fleamarket
  8. Sell some traditional medicine to your doctors and tell him/her that s/he needs a beauty product.
  9. Fart on your way out

[credits to docfiles]


2 thoughts on “How to irritate your doctor

  1. the last 1 really work.
    hey any idea to kick-off this unwanted patient??.. might come in handy in future!!

  2. Karan: Isk I never had such unwanted experience, so I do not know how to kick-off unwanted patient 🙂

    On another note, I received some unwanted “spam” comments from anon… but I did not approve of such comment due to some personal interests.

    I have a warning to the said anon:

    You are from Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy. Thanks to security features in wordpress, IP addresses of people writing comments are provided. Once I figure something out, it is just a matter of time before I can expose you to the public and rip other people’s trust off you. You’ll start living in shame for the rest of your suffering years here…

    For the time being, I do not have any interest in knowing such a lowly and pondan anon, hiding in between blogs and giving out inappropriate comments. While I honor my blog visitors with golden carpet, a lowly and degrading rat like you is simply to be flushed down the toilet. It is a job so simple I wouldn’t have to break much of a sweat gland to do so.

    Stop struggling for attention, admit defeat and disappear forever.

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