Postgraduate medical training in New Zealand and Australia

First of all, don’t forget to change time setting an hour forward fellow Nizhnians.

When I say New Zealand, what comes to mind? Lord of The Rings? No… I was thinking about the ad “susu lembu New Zealand” when I was a little boy 😉 

Wanna try postgrad medical training in New Zealand?

Dr Powell said a fifth year registrar in New South Wales earned around $NZ102,800 a year, while the same registrar would earn just $66,200 in New Zealand.

Well, don’t be too awed by the number figures. Taxes not included. But we can see here that medical training in Australia provides more competitive market than New Zealand. Even this news says it. The doctors in New Zealand are unhappy about their salaries and what more is that many New Zealand doctors move to Australia.

So how do I qualify to be a medical graduate in New Zealand? Click here to read the steps from Medical Council of New Zealand. You can even self-assess yourself and figure out the pathway to be registered in New Zealand Medical Council.

Ok so I decided to add up Australia as well.

Do you know that Australia is suffering acute shortage of physicians and are boosting their efforts to lure foreign medical graduates to the Aussie land? That’s why New Zealanders complain that they produce 300 graduates per year only to let the same amount move out to Australia, annually.

Read more about the qualifying exam for practicing medicine in Australia.


30 thoughts on “Postgraduate medical training in New Zealand and Australia

  1. i would like to ask what about Singapore. Some said that Graduates from Russia are not able to work in Singapore as it is not recognised

  2. Hello efenem,
    Will it be difficult to entry the postgraduate (specialist) training in New Zealand, if I work for 3 years in EEU?

  3. hi all!

    I have got couple of years of post graduate training experience in UK…is there any way that can enter in the post graduate training in Newzealand?
    your reply will be much appreciated.

  4. hello,
    My name is dushyant rangadas..I am a medical student of charles university in Czech Republic but of indian origin.i graduate in 2011 and would like to know what would be the requirements to do pg courses in newzealand and australia..Would i have to go through any exams …hope to hear from you.

  5. Can any one advice on getting admission to Post-graduate medical courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Australia, Newzealan,etc for students from WUHAN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, WUhan, China.


  6. i have amster degree in general surgery 2006. from Egypt. plast surery residency 6 years.
    is there any chance for plastic surgery training in Austr or Newsland

  7. hey efenem, pls..wher is da best n reasonable place to do postgraduate? do i have to do an entrance exam first n den start my pg course?? or i can straight away apply for a pg course?? im planning btween US and AUS?? pls help?? cnt seem to tink nor dcide?? as far as im concern, entrance exam is done oni if u wana practice in their country rite? does it still apply if u wana do PG oni??

  8. Hey, I am a final year from NSW. the postgraduate training in Australia, does appear to be an attractive option apart from UK and US. And i Agree with the author’s comment regarding the shortage of physicians. If any of you are interested in taking up physician training, Aus is probably a good place. AMC exams run a few times annually and it’s basically similar to your final year medical exams. With regards to surgical training in australia, it is a bit difficult. Training places are limited and extremely competitive. I am not too sure about this but I’ve heard that you can only apply surgical training after you have gotten your PR.

  9. i had completed my mbbs from india.for post garduation in cardiology at new zealand or australia,usa.pls give me details regarding procedure,fees structure and time duration for course.

  10. i want to do post graduate training in cardiology from australia ,tell me the process & also if anyone is preparing for AMC exam.

  11. i am a libyan physician and i have scholarship for postgraduate training in medicine can any one give me an idea about the AMC exam and the time usually required to start speciality training any one with background regarding that plz help because i am seriously considering australia

  12. i want to pursue my PG course Medicine in Australia or New Zealand. And my wife wants UG course in lab tecnology. Is it possible that we can live and study together? What are the requirements? By the way, i completed MBBS from Thiland. I am a Nepali Citizen. I’m looking forward for sincere help, Please.

  13. i have done my medical course from india and would like to pursue my post graduate course from the university of auckland. can i get deatils regarding the same?? is my undergrauate degree valed there??

  14. hello,
    My name is Farzana kakuli..I am from bangladesh.i complete my MBBS in 2008 and would like to know what would be the requirements to do pg courses in newzealand.plz help me

  15. I’m a final yr medical student in Ukraine and i’m trying to choose where to do a specialist course….i was thinking of NZ, could you be so kind as to give me any relevant information?? (tried the link to the website by the way, got more confused)

  16. hello sir/madam
    i m a medical student doing my mbbs in india ,,, i would like to know how could i prepare for the australian postgraduation exam though m from india ,,, i would like to know how can i crack the austarlian pg,,, would u plz throw some light on procedures ,,,, one of my friend said that after completing my mbbs from india i could work as a general physician in australia by clearing an exam ,, i would be really glad if u could guide me,,,,,,,,,,,

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