How to describe your poo?


Types 1 and 2 indicate constipation, types 3 and 4 are usually the most comfortable to pass, types 5-6 tend to be associated with urgency and type 7 is diarrhea.

In type 2-3 basically the stool is very hard and you need to use a stool softener like liquid paraffin. Do not use bulking agents or fiber as this will only make it worse.

In types 4-5 you can use a bulking agent like Forlax or psyllium husk or fibre. Irritants like prune juice, dulcolax or senokot will also work, but be careful not to abuse it.

In type 6-7 basically the faeces/stool is impacted and the wattery bits are being sqeezed through the sides of the stool. This will probably need manual disimpaction (look out for the explosive disimpaction)

[Credits to Docfiles]

p/s: FAQ is updated. You might wanna go read that some times.


6 thoughts on “How to describe your poo?

  1. A man complained (better say expressed or told actually since he’s not a patient =p) of having type 6 in the morning and type 3 in the evening for everyday..but he thought that it’s normal due to his consumption of food..he loves drinking a big glass of coffee in the morning and heavy meal in the evening, which might contribute to his poo appearance..what do you think? is it the best reason for his poo appearance and it’s normal to hv both more than 1 types in a same day?

    p/s:the man is a mystery..=p

  2. According to what it says there, type 4 is the most normal and comfortable to pass… type 3 is second best…

    Type 6 in morning and type 3 in evening, means somewhere between those time you ate some bulking agents, perhaps fibers…. Just my theory tho

    But if this happens everyday, I do not know. Should ask poo-ologist.

  3. nah~ its totally normal.. drinking coffee or anything containing caffeine will lead to increase parasympathetic nervous system which will cause increase peristalsis of the intestine so in return.. u’ll have diarrhea.. or type 6-kind of stool. 😛

  4. Wanying: It’s a great honor. Will try my best to keep ’em coming.

    Jatdin: Thanks for the explanation. It makes a lot of sense. NO wonder I feel funny inside after drinkin’ coffee…

  5. lol.. i was kinda surprised that u didnt know bout that basic stuff faiz.. 😛 well, even if u can read *almost* all the ECGs or make supercool diagnosis of superdifficult diseases; u still at least need to know diz kind of basic stuff.

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