FITNA – is there a need for reaction?

Geert Wilders generalized Muslims as terrorists. Just because a white supremacist/extremist confuses freedom of speech with freedom to flame religious hatred, that doesn’t mean that we Muslims should fall so low to his degrading level till we have to generalize all Hollanders alike. Not all Hollanders are satans. Not all American are satans. Not all Danish are satans. Not all Jewish are satans. Generalizations of certain people have always been wrong.

Boycotting any product is a personal choice, but to overreact to such travesty to prophet Muhammad PBUH (SAW) and Islam is probably not what the prophet wants if he was alive. How many times did the prophet stop Umar al-Khattab from attempting murders to those who belittled the prophet?

If boycotting makes any difference, it makes them poorer by several millions. It doesn’t make any difference with the core of the problem: which is the sheer hatred for Islam. With all globalization going on, with internet and youtube and stuffs like that, it’s gonna be hard to fight against the flow.

Something contemptuous to Islam and Prophet Muhammad like FITNA is simply to be ignored. The more we give attention to it, the more credit we give to its existence. It will grow stronger and stronger, for all we know that 15-minutes film has eaten Muslims alive by a mere simple provocation. Overreaction from Muslims is what Geert Wilders wants.

Such film will grow like mushrooms in years. Nothing we can do to stop it. Let them produce. When certain things are overproduced, the quality drops. In a few coming years, no one will give a damn if they badmouth Islam. These people will simply be dusts blowing with the breeze; they are mildly irritating when they hit your face, then they disappear. They make no significance to the life of the person they hit.

Thus, there’s no need to overreact over some dusts hitting your face.

Here’s a good article by saifulislam on FITNA.


2 thoughts on “FITNA – is there a need for reaction?

  1. good point! by the way, by mentioning hollanders d u mean d ppl from the business district or all of the netherlands?

  2. I didnt knw there exists such difference… but my point is: harsh generalization of certain group of people is wrong.

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