BLEACH is phoockin’ awesome! At first, I thought I won’t let myself fall into the phantasy world of anime. Phollowing-up anime and manga is too painful… You’ll always want to know what happens next (Yeap, I’m in so much pain right now, waiting for episode -106). And with this turning back the pendulum in BLEACH manga, I am very hesitant to say that I can let go of BLEACH before I graduate med school.

 But why particularly BLEACH? I’d say that BLEACH is very universal. Elderlies, mid age people, youngsters, teenagers, children, men, women, and racial diversity in its characters make BLEACH a very universal popular entertainment to watch. One can find his/her own phavorite character(s) in that anime which is much similar to one’s personality; various people with different histories, different habits, different upbringings, and different lifestyles. The producer of BLEACH is totally a phoockin’ genius!

 Even my class decided to use names of characters from BLEACH for the Russian language film project. There is a Dr. Ulqiorra, Dr. Aizen and a patient named Soi Phong. Of course, I won’t say this film will be in the box office which rocks the philming industry (I wish!).

 Obviously I have nothing much to bring to the table lately, so, just enjoy any crap I write here! I added Fiqhmedic link for those who are interested in medico-islamic issues (blog in bahasa Melayu).


2 thoughts on “BLEACH

  1. Yeah, right… When it comes to the fillers, naruto and one piece are way too depressing!

    Unlike One Piece, I dont have to wait till the 80-something episode in BLEACH before things got really interesting….

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