Pigeon’s crap

I don’t like reviews, but I’m gonna do it anyway:

  1. Series of unfortunate events. Spring makes my sleeping schedule messy; woke up late, waited for buses in so much pain for 20 minutes, took the soviet-style lift in pediatric department which made depressing stops at every floor (thank God not the same as the more depressing ones in Hospital No 13 in Avtozavod). When I arrived at the class, I was 10-15 minutes late and the word ОТРАБОТКА came out from my peds teacher and that hit me like pigeon’s dropping. Urgh! What to do… I was late in 3 of her 4 classes tho, which made me her “favorite” student. If anyone that woman wants to eat, torture or ask pediatric stuffs, it’s gotta be me.
  2. We went to the ward to see a 15-years old male patient. Since I am her “favorite” student, I was asked to do the cardiovascular examination and I noticed systolic murmur best heard at Botkin’s point. Everything went well tho. Then there was a pediatric neurology conference and there were two speakers. The first speaker was an energetic young lady talking about Bell’s Palsy and Ramsey-Hunt syndrome. The second one was boring I didn’t pay attention.
  3. Then we went for breakfast, enjoying spring air outside, made fun of the teacher and resumed practical class. At the end of class, we saw 2 more patients; one with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) and one is a swimmer who has extrasystole but otherwise a healthy teenager. Since I am the favorite student, I had to do some tests at the end of the class *&^%$&*!!!
  4. I went to see Ally to get a lifetime’s worth of humanly knowledge. Zillion thanks Ally.
  5. I prepared a dialogue for Russian language film project. Original script was in English, sent to Liki to translate using some software and all I got was a ****!! Gagagaga! Not bad translation tho. I just need 5 hours to correct everything. And then Russian language teacher had to correct it again! As mentioned in previous entry, everyone uses either espada’s or shinigami’s names.

Thanks for reading my craps, again.


3 thoughts on “Pigeon’s crap

  1. Mama: On the contrary, it’s a pleasure being tortured a little bit. At least that’s how it feels like med student, kan?

    Nana: Xbaek repot kat mama saya…

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