So you want to be an obstetrician?

 There are some people who love medicine; there are some who loves to cut people. But there are some very rare breeds who love both and can’t get enough of it! Gagagaga! The following are some facts about obstetrics (as a medical specialty) that I heard or read. Some might be true, some are not. Evaluate yourself.

  1. The most tensed medical specialty everywhere in the world; it involves antenatal care, medical and surgical natal care, and postnatal care of the mother and the baby. And then there’s clinic!!! That seems to be a lot of work more than a sane person can handle!
  2. It is the most sued medical specialty. In the US, 76% OBs have been sued at least once, 57% twice, 42% three times or more. The family expects you to make no mistake; even a little defect beyond your control can come with lawsuit. Many obstetricians have high malpractice insurance premium, differing in different countries.
  3. Most bloody, nauseating and complicated specialty, making those in surgical specialties look very mild and tame. That’s what I heard when an obstetrician came to MRSM Taiping to give medical career talk. And I confirmed that myself when I first time watched the delivery of a reluctant-to-push mother. Birth is beautiful? Think again!
  4. Most obstetricians are men since most of them are very strong (physically and mentally) to handle bloody surgeries, abortions, miscarriages and other stuffs. But so far that I asked from my peers, only women want to be OBs, no man so far. Maybe I wasn’t asking enough. I just know ONE guy here who has “obstetrician fingers”, and I mistook it for Marfan’s. My OB teacher (a woman) said that a woman who wants to be an OB is a crazy woman! Gagagaga!
  5. Myths and Superstitions; there are things like when an OB is trying to do God’s job such as taking away life of a baby (abortion), he/she is cursed and doomed forever. Some OBs have reported to have failed conceiving child of their own. Maybe there’s a psychosomatic correlation I couldn’t fathom. Maybe that’s never true at all.
  6. According to a survey, OB is one of the specialties with the least likelihood of physician’s satisfaction. As in previous points, the work is always stressful and demands perfection; for the mother and the baby.

That’s enough, I think, to scare you people from this specialty nyeh nyeh. But if you have the heart of a gold and determination as steel, the abovementioned points would never scare you even an inch away from this very noble specialty!

p/s: Any OBs dropping by, pls forgive my rudeness and don’t kill me when I get posted in your department… Maybe I’d be an OB some day, who knows? 😉



5 thoughts on “So you want to be an obstetrician?

  1. I think if you watch live births everyday, you’ll be an excellent OBGYN… but some people like me just can’t further my interests in mucus and blood and stuffs like that 🙂

  2. hehe..last year when i saw first labour during my attachment in the o&g department, i nearly cried! but the ego as a boy stopped the tears from flowing..haha..then i came back home describing everything to my mom n saying how much i love her for giving birth n raising me up..huhu..i dont know why,but i think obgyn doesnt suit me..huhu..myb im too ‘sentimental’ n touched? dont know..=p

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