I was writing out of a minor distress due to some short-sighted decision by a certain party. If you can’t take another toxic from me, kindly leave this blog.

Do you know why AJARAN SESAT is evil?

Because once you get in, you can’t get out.

Wait a minute…. Doesn’t that make Islam AJARAN SESAT as well? No..! Islam cordially welcomes you if you’re coming in, but if you’re going out, it’s your loss. Islam has no more business with you. For those who shouts the killing of apostates, they should think back about this. You really want to keep a malignant tumor inside?

But me here is not talking about Islam and apostates. I am talking about some people who really want people to stay loyal by them, when they already know those people want out. They still want to keep that malignant tumor. It doesn’t matter if such person is on individual level or government level.

How sad!

Addendum: It’s good now! Things are still in favor for me alhamdulillah.


6 thoughts on “Evil!

  1. I kinda get wat u mean, cos i was that sort of person. Although i knew tat the other wanted out, i still stayed wif that person and behaved as if nothing changed.. In my mind, I thought, if I stayed loyal that person would change, everything will be back to how it was…
    Thats so W-R-O-N-G!!! There’s no point in such relationship, u look weak, dumb and desperate. I think, no, I BELIEVE every individual has sumthing great in themselves. There’s no need for clinging.
    Most of the time, the one that wants to stay loyal is not on the losing side!!! Trust me, i hv seen it and experienced it.

  2. Sorry for the misinterpretation. I am not gonna try n explain myself here. Asyik-asyik kene marah je :(. Never mindla, next time i will try my best to understand better.
    Sorry again ha, Faiz!

  3. Kene marah? Do I look like marah here?

    Oh God! I better do something about that…

    I dont really mind what kinda comments you wanna give, either agreeing or disagreeing with my points. People are different and bound to have different opinions and POVs. Your POV here is valid, though it’s not really what I’m talking about.

    My post is very vague to begin with, no need to feel bad about it. I was a little distressed due to some government’s (in)action [please be informed it’s not MARA I’m talking about here] that could or could not jeopardize everybody’s future. Some ppl may have known about it, but until there is a confirmation, I wont disclose anything yet.

  4. Yeah, those people who no longer have faith are nothing. Just let them out and let them live their own life. What’s the problem?

    The religious extremists are really something which we really need to address.

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