Spring is in the air

My Dermatology exam is in a couple of days. It’s my first exam in this semester when my peers from other groups have already finished three exams and they enjoy spring as it is. Damn you higher ups! It’s been a very good and long spring weekend, from Thursday till Sunday, but all I’ve gotta do is study for the damn exam. Damn you higher ups!

I had to borrow dermatology notes from a very diligent and highly-respected senior. It’s always been like that. If not senior’s, I had to borrow from my colleagues. I am not able to document lecture notes by myself. It’s entirely my fault, me is not going to blame anyone else. I have this mindset that if the lecturer can’t even speak proper English, then I could not trust him/her to give medical lectures (me also cannot giving lectures bcoz my English is always not the properly). My peers are very genius they can understand the lectures, me is a dumb medical student!

Plus, I really can’t stand the lectures here. They are very unorganized and unstructured and always not enough. The only structured and organized notes are written by fellow medical students here, thus the credits. Damn you higher ups!

Ngengenge now my week in review:

  1. Nizhniy Games Spring Carnival was a success thanks to me first and organizers second! Ngenge kidding! But who could beat me – the big time spender – at the Spring Carnival? I bet no one! Whatever it is, Nizhnians totally did excellent jobs in making the carnavale a success. The food was exceptional despite the cold spring breeze. I was thinking of promoting some of the food in my blog, but since no one offered me discount, so…
  2. Family Day organized by PPIM was a success too, a very nice annual activity. The recreational park with the magnificent “unpolluted” lake, majestic view on a very fine and warm spring day. With all the games and food and stuffs – they were all exceptional. But what wasn’t fine? It’s gotta be the “boss” (ngenge), and the fact I spent more than 6 hours for recreation instead of Dermatology.
  3. Dermatology is the hardest subject in medicine. I could not understand a jack of what the teacher says! And I have the feeling the teacher is already fed up with me, so I won’t be so hopeful during exam ngenge.
  4. Somewhere along the week in dermato class, there was a consultation with some kids with some fungal scalp problems. The kid is a genius she knew the name of medicine that us med students didn’t know (perhaps everybody else knows, me is dumb medical student). My point here is; the patients in Russia are very educated. They know what’s wrong with them and they know their meds very well. That kind of phenomenon is not usually seen in Malaysia. Patients are not well educated about disease and meds. To enhance patient’s compliance, patient education is very essential. When I was in ER waiting room in private hospital 2 years ago in my suspicion of appendicitis (clearly it wasn’t), the doc spoke very unclearly on what’s wrong with me and he prescribed some meds that I never need. So, patient education is very essential. As AMANI said in one of her entries; some pakciks in Malaysia simply said “Saya makan pil warna kuning ada tulis KK kat tengah!” Gaaa! Some meds are given out without names on them! Not good. Not good.

16 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. eh..you claim you english not so properly but you blog very gud..glad you enjoy and had fun the carnival..

    wats wit the ngengenge?? does it stand for anything in particular??

  2. 7t: My english is the most bad. Ngenge means I wanna exercise my palate a little ngengengengenge ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ileena: If I can get discount the food is delicious! If I can get free the food is super duper delicious!

  3. i knew it!! my fruit jelly is delicious! muahaha!~ oh yeh.. im one of the higher ups. finished all 3 exams already and enjoying spring to the max! ๐Ÿ˜€ and oh yeah im so gonna enjoy our upcomin nizhniy games while u’ll be suffering-studying for obs exam (ouh yeah i know u r the master of the ceremony but still..). muehehe! gudluck for exams.

    btw, the lectures are not that bad at all..n yeh i can understand her english well. dermato is kinda easy i think. all u have to do is remember the pictures and u can answer all! ngengengenge.

  4. Ye the fruit jelly is super duper delicious…

    Obs exam? Tunda sem depan je lah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even with relatively better English than other lecturers, the room is small and stuffy, the tables are never enough and many other stuffs making the learning environment not conducive in dermatology class. Yep, I’m one very spoiled brat.

  5. oh man…maybe my english is not as high standard as yours….coz i find the dermato teacher’s english very good and very persuasive wo…..i admire her lectures being very humourous and picturesque….as in i can picture she says just by her saying it…..haha….

    anyway good luck for your exam…

    i was one of those who are ignorant about med stuff untill i got here….i oni recently recall that the operation i did 12 years ago was hernia…due to the similar signs and symptoms….i always thought they did something below the abdomen in between the legs which i do not wish to mention…..hehe…

  6. read the blog linked to your page..and wow, that is some superb writing..now i feel i like stomping on my blogs cos they are so the teruk..urs is commendable btw..hehe..

  7. thanatos: my english is the most bad. I couldnt understand a jack! The problem lies with me always being critical; if something I read is even slightly different from what teacher says, my thoughts have gone elsewhere to prove teacher is wrong and I am right, altho most of the time teacher is always right when I check things up. By the time I finished checking out stuffs, teacher already move 2-3 subtopics ahead of me. Me is slow learner… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    7t: Yeah, good read but long and tiring! Blogs serve many purpose, some do for medicine, me blogs because that is my hobby… dont sabotage blogs aa… ngengenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hurray!!! Dermato (note: as part of the curricular, not the learning process) is over!
    Now Efenem can cook delicious food (and give some to friends,kekeke), watch Bleach & sleep for awhile; before continuing the never ending journey of medstudent.

    p/s: writing as if I’m his secretary…:P

  9. Huahua bleach xde daaa minggu ni. Saya masak sentiasa xsedap ngengenge. But I’ll work something out ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Encik APIT bagi nota bliau kat orang lain. Siapa lagi yg diligent and highly-respected kalau bukan Ain Nasir ๐Ÿ™‚

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