The Rotten Teachers

Let me remind everyone that I respect teachers. I do. But some teachers don’t deserve respect, don’t you think?

After reading a blog about teachers in Malaysia, I feel like this noble profession has gone down the drain. Not that all teachers are bad. Most teachers are respectable and excellent in their jobs, but a few rotten apples make the teachers’ standards go down.

Some teachers went into the trouble of getting diploma of education to be fully eligible for teaching. For some other people, teaching is the last thing in their mind because they can’t find any other job in the market, thus they teach. The former is no better than the latter, and vice versa. The bad apples come from both groups.

I graduated high school few years ago. The memories are still fresh. I can tell you something about rotten teachers which I happen to know during high school. Some people say that high school is depressing they can’t wait to finish it and fit in somewhere they feel belonged. Some people say high school is the best thing in their life. People like me, I’m somewhere in between, experienced the sweet candy and bitter prom night dumpster baby…

People say “kerana guru anda berjaya dalam hidup” or “guru ibarat lilin yang membakar diri menerangai hidup orang lain“. But I say those are very lame phrases for some teachers to get free respect. They keep emphasizing on that, but they never actually deserve respect. Some teachers even asked the students to bring presents for Teacher’s Day. How embarrassing! I know one teacher; he criticized us students for getting him just a mug for Teacher’s Day, when kindergartens kid could give him something more. I guess respect is overrated.

There’s also an issue of cikgu cepat merajuk. I don’t deny this feeling for them, but professionally, should they be doing that in front of the kids/teenagers? When a teacher goes merajuk, the whole class should apologize to the teacher; otherwise he/she won’t be teaching the class anymore. To some extent, he or she boycotts the class. Fine! If the teacher doesn’t wish to teach the class, simply substitute with someone else. Who needs a childish and lousy teacher to deny the students the rights of education?

Some people say being a teacher is very hard. I agree. But then, some teachers always emphasize on that as if teaching is the most stressful work in the world that they could be doing something even better than teaching. I respect these kinds of teachers too – if they ever landed in a trash can. I have seen this kinda teacher as well. She had decades of teaching experience, became a tokoh guru on the basis of seniority (although I still think there are more dedicated young teachers deserving the title), but still she said such travesty. Why not retire and take up a job where she could do “something better than teaching”?

Then there’s also the issue of teachers felt threatened by the students till they beat up the students. My God! What has become of these teachers? If they beat the students to discipline them, that’s still acceptable (acceptable so far by the Malaysian culture). Even so, such physical punishment should be official and not endangering the life of students. But to punish the students just because some teachers feel their egoes threatened? I’ve seen these ugly teachers too. Give the teenagers a break, teachers! They are growing up and hormonal and rebellious in nature. Punish them accordingly to their mischief, not because one feels threatened by them.

Teachers are no saints. They don’t give “berkat” or anything as such. Some teachers have big mouths. Things like “You are rich kid. Your parents have BMW. Why is there a problem in contributing something?” If it was me, I’d better contribute some food to stray dogs than for such teachers.

That’s when the role of parents comes in. Parents are those who balance the autonomy of teachers in school. In one issue, some teachers in school give extra tuitions for the kids, at the same time earning extra $$$ and undoubtedly good for their career advancement. However some school force all the children to attend extra class and make it compulsory for parents to pay for it. How if the parents reject the extra tuitions proposed by the school? Some uncivilized teachers might punish YOUR CHILD for the reason that you won’t sent your child to his/her tuition classes. Please beware of such lowly teachers.

These teachers are pushing school pupils/students to the greatest limit to maintain their teachers’ profiles. The more A grades their students get, the better their teaching profile. Senang naik pangkat – they say. The exam-oriented system in Malaysia has already hung one pupil to death because she didn’t get 5As in UPSR… But sadly, some teachers still play this thing along. The supposedly fun and innocent years in school has turned the students into ugly robots who don’t know much about basic life skills.

Some of the rotten teachers above were my teachers too. If I were to see them again, they are not my teachers anymore, so no need to pay any respect. I am already an adult who can criticize every inch of their methods of teaching. I might already surpass their “superiority” and will be a real threat to their jobs if these rotten teachers continue on such lousy education. If I am a parent or someone from ministry of education, I will put them under tight scrutiny. You don’t want these teachers to teach your kids, don’t you?

But teachers please do not feel offended by this entry. If you’re a good educator to begin with, not just me, but everyone also pay respect to good teachers. This entry is especially focused on rotten teachers who taint the very noble profession. Most teachers have my respect, from the bottom of my heart, for their dedication in teaching, education and disciplining the students. In fact, my best moments in high school were shared with them – which I will cherish till the end.

  • 1. Respect teachers accordingly.
  • 2. Respect is overused and overrated.
  • 3. Teachers should start respecting the students too. Without them, teachers got no job.

5 thoughts on “The Rotten Teachers

  1. i agree with some points here.. macam certain cikgu during my schooling years dulu.. cepat merajuk.. sikit2 tak halal.. tak redho.. i think its not right to say such words to their own students.. macam lah ilmu tu hak cikgu.. kan?

    but some of them great teachers get my utmost admiration. specially cikgu yang rilek2 n sempoi.. they respect their students n likewise.


  2. These good-for-nothing teachers only want subsidised@free respect though they never deserve it in the 1st place. They talk based on their factless idealism, but the fact is, our parents pay taxes for them to teach… patutnya tak halal aa diorang makan gaji buta xnk mengajar… patutnya xde aa keredhaan Allah pada diorang…

    These teachers should be removed once and for all because they make the good and dedicated teachers look bad.

  3. teringat kt tepeng dlu…
    ade yg ok ade yg k.o..
    ade yg btul2 d respect..
    ade yg wat ak nyampah..
    huhuhuhu well..
    we cant do much back then aite..

  4. Mija: Now that we are adults we can do something so that our juniors and children wont suffer under these rotten teachers.

    I bring you some comments which I got when I posted this article from The Star Online:

    Comment 1 by kathryna

    Wow..what a long comment about teachers, by the way, I think teachers are HUMAN. Thus, they might make mistakes here or there too. Problem is, those who own up, GREAT for them, those who don’t, well..sorry lah..through words of mouths, the teachers’ reputation GONE just like that..KAAaapiissshhhHHhh. If the teacher TREATS the student unfairly, STUDENT will tell PARENT. Parent will tell others, others will spread this to others.Teachers are lucky that their NAMES are not revealed here. Thus, being a teacher, everybody watches the teachers’ moves from ALL ANGLES. CCTV on you, teachers. Not just teachers’ eyes on students. I say..CCTV which was INSTALLED in schools, mostly were thought to be focusing on STUDENTS. I’d say, it is to FOCUS on how teachers treat the students too.

    Comment 2 by anuram

    Well said i totally agree with you my son who studies in year 5 has had several experiences of the teachers going into merajuk mode. This was because on the first day of exam his teacher said he will fail miserabaly. When acquired he threw the paper at my face after that he went to my sons class and gave him a lecture of his life. At that time my son was only 9years old. ” Cikgu tawar hati untuk masuk ke class ini lagi” that was what he said. Some of the teacher go all the out to get even with this small kids by insulting them verbally in front of other students. They also degrade the students capabilities to damage their self esteem. What kind of people have we choosen to teach our future generation? MAY GOD SAVE MALAYSIA and ITS EVERCHANGING EDUCATION SYSTEM.

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