Obstetric Rotation

Obstetric is a serious business of making life, but sadly the higher ups here think a short rotation of obstetric is already enough to make our med students very competent in this area. Yep. Short. Very very short. And no intensive practices.

The practical curriculum says that med students here should observe at least 25 normal deliveries, but in reality my class just got to watch ONCE! ONCE – and that was in the previous semester, which was a very psycho delivery by the way! There will be none for this semester. Not even seeing a single patient. Med students in Malaysia – they CONDUCT delivery. Some say hundreds of deliveries, but that needs verification.

Why always wanna compare one? It’s good to compare – at least we know where we are as compared to other medical students.

I’m not complaining. I feel just fine because I’m not so much into obstetrics, especially with that monster teacher, looking tensed all the time nagging us dumb medical students. But, a rotation less than 2 weeks in one semester is somewhat very insulting, especially for those who really have fondness in this area. But hopefully everything’s compensated in the final year with OB rotation.

I read in some blogs that obstetricians in Malaysia are really complaining about the incompetence of graduates from Russia because they can’t even analyze partogram, calculate the EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery), simple history taking, recognizing risk factors or diagnose some important disorder such as hypertensive disorder in pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

The OB said why should I teach these good-for-nothings about the very basic of obstetrics when they could’ve learned these stuffs in med school? I don’t know how much of this is true, but somewhat I’ve got the hypothesis.

Man! How are we going to survive 4 months housemanship in OBGYN?!

With the spring and sports stuff coming up – I don’t think I will grow anymore fondness for Obstetric.


3 thoughts on “Obstetric Rotation

  1. For more satisfaction, try to do Obs practical here.Eventhough I didnt assist even a single delivery, I did a lot of VE..ngehngehngeh..
    Suprisingly, Olga (forget her father’s name) did teach us.

  2. Xnk buat kat sini. Kene melalui kepedihan curette to our private part as part of medical check up prior to practical in Nizhniy. Kononnya kitela pembawa STD ngengenge 🙂

    Lagipun banyak habis wang dan masa utk check up tersebut. Xmenyeronokkan. Buat kat Msia xpayah curette, xpayah kebosanan dapat balik rumah yg terchinta, makan pun seronok dan family pun ada.

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