Got new theme for this rubbish blog!


  1. Got new theme for this rubbish blog. Previous one was VERMILLION CHRISTMAS – with the orange header and the christmas tree. Now change to something more white.
  2. My dear boss said this blog is too white and innocent – but my posts are sarcastic. That spells IRONY!!!
  3. Got that new header up there – two BLEACH captains Hitsugaya Toushiro and Kuchiki Byakuya. They are metrosexuals, but look like gays. Ngengenge…
  4. I’m toying with some widgets. Hopefully everything’s more organized and readers could access to many stuffs in or from my blog.

Whatever. Tell me what you think, ok?

Addendum: thanks to the boss, LEOKID for helping me out on this new stuffs in my blog. Leokid is a “senior” wordpress blogger. His writings have been published in many popular sites.


14 thoughts on “Got new theme for this rubbish blog!

  1. nah! not nice!~ more like hazreen’s latest one except that his one is better-looking.. black background wud be so much better i think or if u still like white, find a better header (of ur own.. not one of the themes – they all simply sux). n the header color combination is not striking enough (dull?). for more cool pics go to:

    ngengenge! 😀

  2. Yckhian: Thank you.

    Leokid: Apparently those deviantartist pedophiles love Hitsugaya so much they make one too many sketches of him I don’t wanna miss one!

    Jatdin: I think I’m much better looking than him. You’re just like my boss’ taste. Black background. I like black too. Apparently the good blacks are taken by prominent bloggers and my favorite juniors. The ones left are have sucky sidebars and eye-straining letters. Give it a few days, you’ll get used to it.

    Thanks everyone.

  3. well..if u like both “black” and “easy-reading” part, try theme Unsleepable. Kinda neat.

    Or.. Ben Gray also quite an interesting theme. room for Hitsugaya Toshiro i guess =p

  4. I like last nite’s theme (or is it yesterday’s?)..It’s black, classy and suitable for Efenem. I never expect that the background is just plain white until I enabled ‘show picture’. I guess, a bit disappointment there…
    Anyhow, this is your blog, be it black, white or crimson violet, it’s all up to you.
    White looks pure..ngengenge

    Owh, BTW those two characters look so weird up there. No offense,it just…so not ‘a serious’ you.

  5. Ain: That black yesterday is taken by prominent bloggers and many other wordpress bloggers too! So, if I use it, kinda suck because I lost the originality (mcm la original sngt yg ni pun ngenge). Jgnla kecewa, putih mcm kak ain punye blog pun best apa…

    I know the characters look weird. In the real world they are captains – their looks are more serious and intense. This one is only their fashion show or something like that ngengenge.

  6. Salam wrt.

    Heard my name being mentioned here. *cough*cough*
    And thanks for the nice compliment JatDeng, I do think mine is better looking than Faiz’s.

    Sarcasm is a thing of the year that is previous, faiz.
    And metrosexual is the fancy word gay people use to cover up and mask their habits of spending *stupid* amount of money on clothes and spek mata lalat. Only girls do that.

    (masuk kandang kambeng mengembek, masuk blog faiz aku jadi sarkastik, mueheheh)

  7. latest proverb: “dun judge the blog by its theme”. For me the theme is just the accessory, the content is wat matters!

  8. 7t and Maalini: That’s what I thought.

    Hazreen: You are not doing it right. Masuk blog Faiz kene ngengenge.

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