Marvellous Updates

  1. With the help of RSS and Twitter, I present you Efenem’s Updates on the top of my sidebar on my right. Efenem’s Updates allow me to update my stuffs live from mobile. It’s very convenient. I can update interesting stuffs whenever wherever I want. If I am hospitalized or traveling where internet connection is sucky or none, I simply use Efenem’s Updates! Or if I am ever in trouble or something, Efenem’s Updates it is… (though I believe calling family and friends whom I trust most would stand a better chance to get me out of trouble).
  2. At the bottom of my sidebar, there’s RSS feed for Malaysian Medical Resource, a blog/website by Malaysian doctors updated daily. It’s all about careers, drugs, and latest medical issues in Malaysia. If they write new posts, they will be updated through this RSS.
  3. Nizhniy Games finally over. Many interesting stuffs happened (as updated in Efenem’s Updates). Being Master of Ceremony (MC) is just fine. I am too tired to explain everything so I will let these pictures do the talking. But unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me and Jo in action… (whoever has, boleh bagi?)

 With Jo and teacher

 By the banner

Three Seconds Glance band

Me with MC partner Joyoki

With embassy representative Encik Alias

Me with Nizhniy Games mascot



15 thoughts on “Marvellous Updates

  1. Mr. Marvellous,
    Was fun MC-ing with you. I don’t have any pics of us in action too, so if u do get some bagi ok? 🙂
    Thanks a million, btw..

  2. delirioustk: That’s not a trademark, but obviously the catchphrase for Nizhniy Games’08 ceremonies.

    Joyoki: It’s been great working with a genius MC such as Joyoki. I would have gotten cold feet if not for Joyoki 😛

  3. Hazreen: It’s marvellous. The necklace is only for special occasions and it’s not mine.

    Filzahnur: Yah. I got like 20 of that yesterday 🙂

  4. Ngehehe…..marvellous, marvellous……
    Too much “E……E……E……” though
    And the necklace looked just fine on you. Otai skit~and it looked marvellous on you, just marvellous i tell you.
    You’ve done a marvellous job in our marvellous event.
    I hope you’ll be our marvellous MC for the following Malaysian Night, in a marvellous outfit and marvellous NECKLACE.
    Have a marvellous day and study hard for the marvellous obstetrics for marvellous result to become a marvellous obstetrician in a marvellous hospital in your marvellous future.

  5. Wow…marvellous.. you did a good job as MC and so does Jo…
    ermm… you might not like what i’m going to tell you…
    kok king applied some of your hair gel on my hair coz i can’t seems to find any hair pin during the last minute chinese dance preparation.. sorry… really really sorry… i tot it was kok king’s…

  6. Kok King: You are marvellous too. You did my hair and gave me the necklace ngenge

    Soo Ching: Why sweat over that? It’s ok, everythings been marvellous and that includes you too!

  7. uhuk uhuk..marvellous gak arr..tapi itu kasut ah..mismatched giler..haha..anyways, salutes for a job well done..

  8. OMG its my friend Nadieya at the background with you and the VIP..look..she’s holding winny’s ANNA SUI bag. ROTFL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    p/s: nice job hosting the games 😀 😀

  9. suvinraj: Thank you thank you.

    7t: Nak wat camne… saya orang miskin xreti beli kasut… 😛

    Maalini: I didn’t host the game, I just hosted the ceremonies. I caught her pic and the bag deliberately though 🙂

  10. yes, the ceremonies 😀 u did that on purpose? u serious??? is that remotely possible? u have perfect timing, in that sense. LOL. u shud have snapped winny total candid glory..that’ll teach her a lesson for calling u Mr spa each time she sees you…har har har.

    p/s: can we call u mr marvelous spa now? XD XD

    p/p/s: i heard u told winny kstovo had a spa as well. ROTFLMAO! har har har.

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