Desperate Housewives and BLEACH

I watched Desperate Housewives season 4 episode 15 and what interests me in this episode is when Lynette slaps that little bitch stepdaughter of hers Kayla:

Kayla: Just give me what I want… or you are not going to like what happens.

Lynette: Are you threatening me?

Kayla: I’m just saying, I got that idiot Preston to jump off the roof, I wonder what I can get Penny to do?


Wow that feels good to slap! Except that Lynette apologizes 2 seconds later.

I don’t understand why Americans frown upon parents who slap their children. The child is definitely evil. How uncivilized the West can be? Even slapping a child is considered illegal. Most parents there simply don’t know how to raise their kids properly.

No wonder America is a land of dysfunctional families where more than 50% of marriages end up with divorce, polygamy is a crime when a husband may have lots of mistresses, children and parents always don’t get along.

Now Bleach.

After Leokid’s and Jatdin’s recommendation on, I fell in love with it. I am exploring some nice Bleach arts and I think so far this is the best:

upload 2

Final fight between the two most senior Shinigami Captains of Gotei 13 Kyouraku Shunsui (in the pink jacket) and Ukitake Juushiro (white hair) on the right vs Aizen Sosuke of Hueco Mundo on the left. But it’s weird that Aizen Sosuke suddenly possesses the sword of my favorite Shinigami Captain Kuchiki Byakuya (absent in this picture) on his right hand and he has the ability to use its power.

Now the BLEACH anime is filler before they resume battle in Hueco Mundo. Manga is sometimes boring but sometimes good.


6 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives and BLEACH

  1. “After Leokid’s recommendation on ”

    hello.. im the one who told u bout deviantART ok!

  2. Ain: Pink jacket – orang yg paling kanan dalam gamba. Obs in process ngenge 🙂

    Jatdin: Okla After Leokid’s and Jatdin’s recommendations. Jatdin’s recommendation, however, is a few hours too late 🙂 But credits to both

  3. As an American I agree with your concerns in regards to the way children are raised these days. Our youth are mostly impudent little shits anymore who swear and expect everything to go their way. I’m only 22, but my parents spanked me unsympathetically when I stepped out of line.
    Is this a real depiction of things to come in the show??? I keep up with it each week.

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